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Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois

  • April 13

  • Tina Baker I found a letter from my grandmother's aunt and uncle, Lula (Folks) and Alfred W Henroit. Alfred was writing to tell my grandmother, Amy (Folks) Estes that he found her mother's grave site. I have transcript it below. I need some help in locating the cemetery. My hope is maybe someone who is familiar with this location can help. Pana, Ill. Sept. 16,1951 Dear Niece and Nephew, I thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I took Sat. afternoon, Sept. 8th off and drove to Ohlman alone and hunted up the trustee of the cemetery and he had the plot of the cemetery and we found that your dear mother is buried and rests in plot one on lot 36, your father had marked it with a piece of stone he took out there from the railroad, and there was also some kind of a wild flower on the grave that grows along the tracks, it is in the South East section of the Cemetery. The cornerstone was below ground, but dug and found them. It also happened that the man that is the Trustee and his wife was your next door neighbor and took care of you and your mother when you were born. They sure are wonderful people. I would like for you to meet them, Why not use that pass and you and Harwell come to Pana for a weekend and we will drive down . We would be glad to have you come as your aunt and I think a lot of you girls, I wrote Ione last Sunday and told her to send you my letter, and then Aunt Lula and I, Uncle Ed and Aunt Bess drove there and took some flowers for the grave, Well this is all I can tell you for now until we see or hear from you, With best regarded remains your Uncle Alfred Henriot, 210 S Poplar St, Pana, Ill. Aunt Lula sends her regards tell all hello for us bye. My great grandmother was Anna Christine Craig Folks, birth 24 May 1887 in Illinois,death 5 Dec 1908 in Ohlman Illinois . She died two weeks after giving birth to Ione. My grandmother, Amy Folks was sent to live with her paternal grandparents, Herman and Marthe Folks. Ione was eventually adopted by the Thurn fa
    a week ago
  • April 06

  • Ramona Linda Veliz Von Berg I would like to request the photo of children (1935) in front of the Taylor Springs school. Could you kindly let me know how to request this photo and/or who to contact and their contact information. Thank You!
    about 2 weeks ago
  • April 05

  • Cari Taplin I am researching the Rummons family that lived in Montgomery (and Macoupin) County in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Oscar Rummons married Julia Belle Mitchell in 1876 in Montgomery County. I am having difficulty locating his death. Anyone else researching this family? Thanks!
    about 2 weeks ago
    • Carol HounsellOscar K. Rummons died Nov 8 1908 and is buried in Bethel Ridge Cemetery in Macoupin County, IL. next to Julia who died in 1918.
      1:04 PM April 08
  • March 31

  • robin gergen Coffeen Illinois My g-grandparents were William Valentine Good and Isabelle Good buried at Oak Grove cemetery, Hillsboro. His death date is 20 May 1915. I can't find an obituary or death notice for him/them. I've located them on the 1910 census of Coffeen Village but they're not listed under death notices or anywhere else I've searched. They were from PA, moved to IL between 1900 and 1910. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    about 3 weeks ago
  • March 21

  • John Lippard Linda Sellers Hi Linda, Alison was my Great Grandfather's half brother and also his second wife, Susan C. Beaver's half brother. Alison's father John, a widower to Sally Seford, married Sarah LINN Beaver, Susan's mother, and the widow of Mumford Beaver in 1862. They had 1 child, my great grandfather, Solomon Thornton Adolphus Lippard the following year. Sarah died sometime before 1870 and John, listed widowed, is listed to have died in January in the 1870 Federal Census mortality table. It was shortly after that Allison and Susan got married. My Grandfather George Lippard b. 1898 told me that he and his brothers used to take a train to go to work on their Uncle's farm in Illinois back before WW1. I think Allison died in 1913, but may have had a farm in the family. My Great Grandfather was a farmer in Faith, N.C. Was the family reunion that you attended in Faith, N.C.? All of the offspring of Solomon meet there the second Sunday in August. I haven't been in years as I have lived in Connecticut since 1995. My Dad and Uncle still go every year. I would love to hear from you and compare notes. There is also a Bunnie Lippard that is from Illinois that is a member of this web site. Are you related to her?
    a month ago
  • March 17

  • Lynn Reener The deadline for the Montgomery County History and Families book has been extended to the 15th of June. That is the FINAL deadline. We have received about 250 stories. HAVE YOU SUBMITTED YOUR FAMILY'S STORY??? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PARTICIPATE! Books are currently being sold at the pre-publication price. They should be printed by December or January. Visit for more information!
    a month ago
  • March 15

  • Teresa Zumwalt Looking for info on Harriet E. (Curlee) Smith. According to her death certificate, she died February 17, 1920 and had lived in Hillsboro for 39 years and was residing at 1404 School Street at the time of her death. It also shows she was retired. I am trying to find out where she retired from.
    about 2 months ago
    • Jeffrey B. DunnFrom the Hillsboro Journal: Mrs. Smith was known to many of the older residents on this community as a carpet weaver of great ability. She wove carpets for twenty years or more and took a keen delight in the work as well as supporting the family in that way.
      3:07 AM March 19
    • Teresa ZumwaltThank you so much Mr. Dunn. Is there anyway to get a copy of that article?
      9:07 AM March 19
  • March 04

  • John Lippard Solomon Harkey was my 1st cousin 5 times removed. His father, Martin, was the brother to my 4th Great grandfather, David. Martin's (and David's) father was also named Martin, and was born in PA. The family moved South to North Carolina during the great migration prior to the Revolution.
    about 2 months ago
    • Linda SellersJohn, my maiden name was Lippard. Allison (A.L.J.) was my great-grandfather. His son, Thomas, was my grandfather, and my father was Wayne. We went to the Lippard Family Reunion in N.C. in 2001 so obtained a lot of genealogy info there. Did you attend that one? Anyway, both Allison and Thomas are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Hillsboro, IL, and my dad is buried at Clear Springs Cemetery in Montgomery Co., IL. Let me know if I can be of any help.
      8:15 AM March 10
    • John LippardHi Linda, Alison was my Great Grandfather's half brother and also his second wife, Susan C. Beaver's half brother. Alison's father John, a widower to Sally Seford, married Sarah LINN Beaver, Susan's mother, and the widow of Mumford Beaver in 1862. They had 1 child, my great grandfather, Solomon Thornton Adolphus Lippard the following year. Sarah died sometime before 1870 and John, listed widowed, is listed to have died in January in the 1870 Federal Census mortality table. It was shortly after that Allison and Susan got married. My Grandfather George Lippard b. 1898 told me that he and his brothers used to take a train to go to work on their Uncle's farm in Illinois back before WW1. I think Allison died in 1913, but may have had a farm in the family. My Great Grandfather was a farmer in Faith, N.C.
      Was the family reunion that you attended in Faith, N.C.? All of the offspring of Solomon meet there the second Sunday in August. I haven't been in years as I have lived in Connecticut since 1995. My Dad and Uncle still go every year. I would love to hear from you and compare notes. There is also a Bunnie Lippard that is from Illinois that is a member of this web site. Are you related to her?
      6:29 AM March 13
  • March 03

  • John Lippard Bunni Lippard Hi Bunni, My name is John Lippard I am researching my Lippard family. Are you a descendant of Allison Lippard? He was my Great Grandfather's half brother. John
    about 2 months ago
  • February 28

  • Lynn Reener Does anyone have any information on a business at the south end of Historic Route 66 where Kruse Auto Salvage was until recently? Name is believed to have been Green Gables - maybe a dinner club, night club, or some such thing. Would appreciate any help. Thanks
    about 2 months ago
  • February 12

  • Julianna "Julie" Elizondo Forgotten Cemeteries My Mother, Julianna Carroll, duplicated itself. Sorry. Could one be deleted? I hope it's not too much trouble. Thanks a bunch!
    about 3 months ago
  • Julianna "Julie" Elizondo The record I created for my mother duplicated itself. I can't find a spot anywhere to delete one. Please help. Thanks! Sorry for any inconvenience.
    about 3 months ago
  • January 31

  • Beverly Preston Forgotten Cemeteries How do you get a cemetery included in this list? I have information on Rankin Presbyterian Cemetery aka Mt Pulaski Cemetery plus pictures. I think there might be a question of whether this cemetery is in Montgomery county, but I think it is on the line and in Montgomery County. Let me know. B. Green Preston
    about 3 months ago
    • Carol HounsellThe "Forgotten Cemeteries" were originally identified by Walter Sanders and his Litchfield High School history classes in about 1945. He coined the term "Forgotten Cemeteries". Any cemeteries now included under that term were named in his original list. Rankin Presbyterian, AKA Mt. Pulaski AKA Mt. Pleasant was one of the cemeteries his students "read" but it was not considered to be a "Forgotten Cemetery". It is included in the cemeteries posted here.
      3:33 PM February 02
    • Linda Barricklow-CollinsLooks like it's in Montgomery County to me.. Just south of Renken Ln. Kirkland Cem is south and west of it and it's in Montgomery County.
      1:12 PM February 27
  • January 27

  • Christina Hamblen Forgotten Cemeteries I'm interested in the Martin Cemetery in Zanesville. Somebody posted on that Wilhelm Deister, son-in-law of Franz Poggenpohl, was thought to be buried there and is marked by a small plain marker near Franz's headstone (in a photo, it is the small marker to the left of the headstone of Franz as you are looking at the photo). I tried to get more info from the person who posted that on, however, nobody has responded to my posted inquiries. I'd like to send a special "thank you" to Ann & her mom Carol for all the work you both have done in Montgomery County. Ann you have posted several photos of headstones on memorials in "Find a Grave" on my ancestors. The photos have been very appreciated and I cannot thank you enough!
    about 3 months ago
    • Carol HounsellAnn and I certainly appreciate your kind thoughts on our work in searching out the Forgotten Cemeteries as originally mention in the Walter Sanders 1940's readings. Ann and I originally took the photo in question and posted it on Ancestry. Others copy our photo, without benefit of photo credit, and post it on their own pages. We didn't find any marking on the small stone which would indicate whose grave it is. The photo posted by dsummers194 on Ancestry, says " the stone is thought to be the headstone of Wilhelm Deister". We never found any evidence of that. Remember, this cemetery is out in the middle of a corn field in a small stand of trees. We were lucky enough to visit there in the fall after harvest so that the headstones in the stand of trees were visible from the road. Many other similar cemeteries have fallen victim to "agricultural intrusion". Martin has been saved from that fate so far. Ann and I haven't had the opportunity to visit the area in a couple of years so follow up on the current state of the cemetery.
      12:14 PM January 28
  • Brenda Jennings Looking for any info on a William Whiteman and his wife. They died about 1864 of cholera leaving two sons. The two sons were raised by John Price of Hillsboro. Sons names were Charles H. & William Frederick.
    about 3 months ago
    • Carol HounsellCharles Henry Whiteman, August 3, 1860, died Sept 1923 buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro IL FAG 19031932 and William Frederick Whiteman born 12-25-1860 in Litchfield and died Dec 19, 1916 in Hillsboro buried in Elmwood Cemetery, FAG# 123826471.
      12:39 PM January 28
    • Brenda JenningsI was just searching the internet to see if there was any info about cholora in the area. Nothing in Montgomery Co. This is a helpful web site. Thank you
      8:42 PM February 08
  • January 20

  • Jack Nollman My mother, aged 96 in 2014 says that she attended grade school at Gregg School south of Ohlman. Is anyone familiar with this school? Have had no luck searching the web. Thank you. Jack Nollman
    about 3 months ago
    • Kim BarringerI live south of the Ohlman cemetery in an old one room school house but it was called Cards Grove. I'm not sure if this could be the same one? I'm on here looking for information on it.
      8:22 PM January 20
  • January 18

  • Sharon Buethner Nancy Miller, wondering which Jesse Mitts is your 2xGreat Grandfather. I have a couple of Jesses, and some info back to 1775.
    about 3 months ago
  • January 06

  • Nancy J Miller Ann Stoddard Ann, in looking at Jesse Mitts page in Cass, the marriage record shown is not his...can it be removed? Thanks, Nancy Miller
    about 4 months ago
  • December 30

  • Joseph McAnarney Looking forward to learning more about my McAnarney ancestors from Montgomery County, Illinois.
    about 4 months ago
  • December 29

  • virginia sinco Both my parents lived in Witt, moved to Detroit in 1940's. My father's name was Albert Edward Tudor and my mothers name was Alice Mary Hewitt. Her father died in Witt in 1935.
    about 4 months ago
    • virginia sincoHer mother's name was Anna and her father was Thomas
      6:11 AM December 29
  • December 08

  • Dale Wheeler I am trying to locate any children of Albert ( Ab ) Wheeler, formerly of the Taylor Springs-Hillsboro area. He was my uncle. but was never close. I have inherited some pictures from my parents that belonged to him and would like to give these items to them if anyone knows how to contact them.
    about 5 months ago
  • December 06

  • Bret Rice Rice Hello, I'm looking for my mother grandparents, They are in Filmore, Glendale cemetery, Names are Homer Carter and Ada Carter, Not sure on the years, My grandpa was born in 1910.His name was Raymond Carter. Find a does not have them.. This site does not have no info of them.. So I'm looking for help on trying too find them.If anyone has ever walked the cemetery and knows where they are and able too take a picture of the headstone, I would like too see it.
    about 5 months ago
    • Carol HounsellIt appears, based on census records, that the Carters lived in Fayette County - although I can't find them in any cemeteries there.
      1:50 PM December 07
    • Bret Rice RiceYes. they did live in fayette county and moved to Filmore at there end stage of life. My cousin told me they are in Glendale, Once I have a nice warm day I'm driving down there to look for them myself. I find it hard to believe they are there with no record of them being there. Its odd.
      2:44 PM December 07
    • Bret Rice RiceI want to add my mother thinks they lived in Nokomis is where they passed away she thinks, not in Filmore.
      2:53 PM December 07
    • Lila FugateBret - Homer and Ada Carter are buried in Glendale Cemetery. As you enter the cemetery the are in the far left section and row 17. Some of the names in that row are Boesley, Weller. The sections run west ( entrance side) to east. Hope this helps. Lila Jean
      9:59 PM January 07
    • Bret Rice RiceThanks... I might try and go tomorrow....

      once i enter the cemetery do i make a left or go straight in?
      9:36 PM January 12
  • November 07

  • Lauretta Kavanagh My search is on the BROWN family.. William Brown b.1872 died 1911.. I believe he died in Montgomery Co. but I can't find any death Cert. I know he buried in Clear Springs Cem. but still can't find what month he died or date only the year.. his wife Annie Muller remarried in July of 1911 so William had to have died between Jan to Jun of 1911. Can anyone find at least the month he died.. Any help I would most appreciate..
    about 6 months ago
    • Lauretta KavanaghWilliam parents were John R. Muller and RoxyAnn Tucker also know as Ann.
      10:40 AM November 07
    • Laura JensenHello Lauretta, I am related to a William Brown who was born in Montgomery Co (1868), son of Cyrus Brown. He moved to Oklahoma by the 1920 census, but I am not sure when he died (after 1940) or where he is buried yet. I'm guessing this is a different William Brown than the one you're researching, but I mention it just in case. I'm surprised that your William Brown's father has the last name of Muller? Is there a story there?
      8:35 PM November 23
    • Laura JensenCyrus Brown died in 1911 and is buried in Traylor Cemetery.
      8:47 PM November 23
  • October 21

  • Terry Berg Thanks so much for providing this website! I found information that is very helpful for my genealogy research. I am researching Luther C. Draper and Sarah F. Draper (Perkins), who were married in Montgomery County in 1874, and died in 1923 and 1919, and buried at Montgomery Cemetery.
    about 6 months ago
  • Jean Durbin My mother grew up in Hillsboro from 1928 to about 1945 or so. She lived at 120 E Tremont - where the school for the Catholic Church is now. I am looking for any photos of the house to share with my siblings as mom passed away several years ago. Her name was (Martha) Jane Hesler. She had an older brother - Glen Hesler. Her parents were Ian & Catherine Hesler. Her dad worked for the railroad. Can anyone provide me with any photos of the house? Thanks
    about 6 months ago
  • October 18

  • Ann Tindall Are there any descendants of Solomon and Sophia (Cress) Harkey still in Montgomery County?
    about 6 months ago
  • October 09

  • Deanna Reeves Does anyone know who the parents of Sarah Davis were, who was married to James "Uncle Jimmy" Card in the early 1800's.
    about 7 months ago
    • Karen SaathoffJohn and Nancy(Harris) Davis. Sarah Emily Davis is my 5th Great Aunt.
      8:02 AM October 16
  • October 03

  • Mary Grover Mary beth Guy Hi Mary Beth, Last night I was on and saw your family tree which was a fantastic find for me. I have been searching for Hattie ( Harriett) Miller-Hughes-Browning for sometime now- I did not know she had married a Mr. Browning and lived in Farmersville- My parents were born in Montgomery county and my Grandparents had farms in Montgomery county. My Grandma and Grandpa Orville Miller's farm was in Farmersville. And I doubt my Grandpa would of known he was a first cousin to Harriett. Hoping you can tell me how Hattie died. One of my Dad's cousins married a Mr. Joe Guy and another of my Dad's cousins married a Mr. Harold Friend. Looks like we could maybe have a couple of connections. Would be glad to share what I have. Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Mary Miller-Grover
    about 7 months ago
  • October 01

  • Ann Tindall Anne Wade Hi Anne, I believe you are related to John Wade. I have a photo I took of him at Carthage College in Oct 1991. If you would like a copy, I will scan it and send it to your email address. He is in a football uniform, and I believe it was for a reenactment of a long ago record run he made! Ann Mullins Tindall
    about 7 months ago
  • September 29

  • Carol Hounsell Jeremy Dover can you identify the men in the pic you posted. many thanks, Carol
    about 7 months ago
    • Jeremy DoverSorry...not to sure how to use the site. The man on the left in my picture is Otis Harold Dover, son of William Riley Dover and Mary Louisa "Eliza" Allen. I don't know about the man on the right.
      8:40 AM November 10
  • Carol Hounsell Jeremy Dover so glad to connect with a member of the Allen family since we discovered the abandoned cemetery 5 years ago. We have about 20 members of our Smith family buried there. We have done extensive research on the familty and made several trips back to the cemetery. Sad to say I think it's beyond hope without some major $$ and renovation efforts, far beyond what difference my daughter and I could make.
    about 7 months ago
  • September 28

  • Robert Gallup Ann Stoddard ok I need some help here ,but its too much to list on here ...i would like for it all to be added to the Society , if possible. ...
    about 7 months ago
  • Robert Gallup Lesa Oathout I know your going to think im 1/2 wacked, but I found you by accident...are you or do you know if your related to a Wm. Rede...reed.. (Rheede) of Outland...which I think is Oathout ...Essex England 1435 ca.?
    about 7 months ago
    • Lesa OathoutI don't think you are 1/2 wacked, as once you start doing genealogy, you find relative everywhere. I don't know about Wm Reed as my brother-in-law does most of the Oathout genealogy. I will forward your inquiry to him and see what happens. Lesa
      9:19 AM September 29
  • September 17

  • Dianne Skauge Ann Stoddard It's me again. My 2nd great grandfather's son, Elmer Guy Fisher, died January 15, 1879 at age 6 if you want to add that information to his cemetery information.
    about 8 months ago
  • Dianne Skauge Ann Stoddard I'm confused about the location of the Sulphur Springs Cemetery where several of my Bowman relatives are buried. lists the cemetery as being in Atwater, Macoupin County, Illinois. They also list 5 other Sulphur Springs cemeteries in Illinois, with none of them being in Montgomery County. Thanks Ann for all you do to help those of us who don't live in Illinois.
    about 8 months ago
  • Dianne Skauge Ann Stoddard Hi Ann, My 2nd great grandmother Ellen King Bowman was born in Illinois Oct 1, 1859 and was just 31 years old when she died of TB. Please adjust her age on her cemetery page. Thanks so much!
    about 8 months ago
    • Jeffrey B. DunnIf you have additional information you can add a note to the bottom of any page.
      12:51 PM September 18
  • September 12

  • Sherry Wright-Falbo My mother, Beverly Jean Davis. She was descended from: 1. Edward Albert Davis (Green) her father. Born 1899 in St. Louis, Mo. 2. ASA E. GREEN (DAVIS) HIS FATHER. Birth 30 Sep 1867 in Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois 3. Asa W. Green his father born: Indiana 4. Sarah E. Moore his mother born: Pennsylvania ? Edward Davis (my grandfather) went by the name Davis because in 1870 his father Asa E. was listed as the step-son of Samuel Davis and eventually went by the name of Davis. ( I do not think he was ever adopted ) I am trying to find a birth record or any information on Asa E. Green and his parents. I have a record from Macoupin county showing that an A W Green and S E Moore took out a marriage license, but do not know if it was ever used. If anyone has any links or information I would greatly appreciate the help. I know that Sarah married Samuel Davis, but I do not have any idea as to what might have happened to Asa W Green.
    about 8 months ago
  • September 10

  • Julie Bolen Alexander Norris and Zona Walker were married 06/17/1907 in Montgomery County Illinois. The had one child, my grandfather Howard Wallace Norris born in 1909. Alex died September 7 1912, through the historical society I have found the details of his death in a coal mine, and that he and Zona divorced a year prior to the accident that took his life. When my great grandfather died he took his family secrets with him. I am trying to find any information about his family. All I know is that he came to America about 1892 from Sweden with his older brother, I believe his name was Joseph. The name Norris was changed from it's original spelling when the brothers came to America. If there is anyone out there that may have any information on this Norris family, it would mean the world to me if you would contact me.
    about 8 months ago
  • Vicki Pence-Skaggs George Pence
    about 8 months ago
  • September 09

  • Robert Griffin Researching my great great uncle Eleizer Griffin who travelled to the US in the 1850's His family were in Literberry when the cyclone struck.
    about 8 months ago
  • September 06

  • justin copeland Seeking any info. regarding Martin Brown (1852-1917), Anyone have any suggestions?
    about 8 months ago
    • Drucilla BelzHello Justin, In the Illnois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index 1916-1947. I found his birth date: 10 May 1832 Ireland. Death: 30 Oct. 1917 Harvel, Montgomery Co., IL. His fathers name: Daniel Brown b. Ireland and his mothers name: Mary Whelam b. Ireland. Martin's occupation was listed as a farmer.
      Martin is buried at Saint Martins Cemetery, Farmersville, Montgomery Co., IL
      He was married to Anna M. Hoysted, b. 3 Dec. 1840, Ireland and d. 8 April, 1923, Pitman Twp. Montgomery Co., IL
      3:55 PM September 06
    • justin copelandThank You very much!:) that was very helpful & confirmed a few things I wasnt postive about as well!
      8:48 AM September 12
  • September 05

  • Lynda DeLuryea William P. Cartwright, b. 19 Aug 1828 in Ohio, d. 08 Feb 1876 in Litchfield, buried Elmwood Cemetery. He was my ggfather. His son, Elmer Louis Cartwright, b. 07 Mar 1869, Litchfield; d. 05 Feb 1955 in Louisiana, was my grandfather.
    about 8 months ago
  • August 29

  • Richard Boutwell Phordice Boutwell, a landowner in Montgomery County 1836-? died in Los Angles 12 Sept 1885 : The following is from his FAG memorial page: In the 1850 U.S. census, 41 yr. old Phordice Boutwell, a farmer, b. in NH., was living in Southwest, Montgomery, IL. with his 37 yr. old wife, Eliza Boutwell, b. in NY. 12 yr. old daughter, Louisa Boutwell, b. in IL. 10 yr. old son, George Boutwell, b. in IL. 2 yr. old daughter, Lucy Boutwell, b. in IL. 15 yr. old Augustus Miller, b. in PA. In the 1860 U.S. census, 51 yr. old Phordice Boutwell, a farmer, b. in NH., was living in Hillsboro, Montgomery, IL. with his 47 yr. old wife, Eliza Boutwell, b. in NY. 21 yr. old son, George Boutwell, a clerk, b. in IL. 12 yr. old daughter, Lucy Boutwell, b. in IL. 18 yr. old John Trueworthy, a student, b. in NY. According to the 1870 U.S. census, 56 yr. old Phordice Boutwell, a farmer, b. in NH., was living in Hillsboro, Montgomery, IL. with his 51 yr. old wife, Eliza Boutwell, b. in NY. Phordice's real estate was valued at $20,000 and his personal estate at $12,000. In the 1880 U.S. census, 73 yr. old Phordice Boutwell, a retired banker, b. in NH., was living at 87 Hill St. in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. with his 68 yr. old wife, Eliza Boutwell, b. in NY.
    about 8 months ago
    • Dale ShirleyRichard, I am related to you through Louisa Boutwell, 1st daughter of Phordice and Eliza. Louisa married William D. Shirley Jr. b 1832, Montgomery Co. William D. Shirley Jr. is the son of William D. Shirley b. 1800 S.C. or Tenn. William D. Sr. is my gr. gr. grandfather. In 1854, William D. Shirley migrated via the Gray Wagon Train to El Dorado, CA. Sometime later, William D. Jr. and Louisa migrated to the San Francisco area. William D. Shirley, JR. died in Hillsboro, Ill, while visiting Hillsboro. I have other info if you are interested. Contact me at Dale Shirley
      2:44 AM December 16
  • August 26

  • vincent slagel Can someone find me a contact for the Clear Springs Cemetery Association (e-mail and telephone number)
    about 8 months ago
    • Karen SaathoffVincent contact me at, let me know if you have any problems getting through to me.
      11:32 PM September 05
  • August 20

  • Lynn Reener Looking for information on the Harkey Candy Kitchen in Raymond IL. I have a picture of the inside of the store; however, I do not know the location. I understand that it was owned by Charlie and Hattie Lynch Harkey. Do not know when this was. Thank you for any help.
    about 8 months ago
    • Drucilla BelzIn photos there's a picture of the Candy Kitchen in Hillsboro, IL.
      7:39 AM August 22
    • Connie WiesendangerI believe the Candy Kitchen in Hillsboro was a one time owned by the Ginos family.
      2:52 PM September 01
  • August 15

  • Ann Tindall Karen Spracklen Dear Karen, Please contact me at I am a Ware descendant, and President of the Ware Family Association. You have to be a descendant of Mary Huldah "Bessie" Mack & John Scott Wiley. Their daughter Marjorie Elizabeth Wiley married Walter Spracklen and had sons Walter, Howard and Ralph. Where do you fit? You may want to check our to see some pictures of your cousins! Thanks, Ann Mullins Tindall
    about 9 months ago
  • August 14

  • Donna Gould Hello readers..Donna Gould, here. I'm new, but making headway in finding connections to Montgomery Co. My grandfather was Leo (Leon) E. Manley, born in Coffeen to Thomas Manley and Samantha Jane Satterlee in Nov. 1868. He married Virginia Wright, who is buried in Shiloh Cemetery as Virginia Manley. "Regretfully" he ran away with a much younger woman in early 1917, my mother was born in 21 August 1917, and Leon's wife, Anna Manley, died in the influenza pandemic of 1918. 100 years later, I'm trying to knit the facts and figures together. If any one has any info about Thomas and Samantha, Leo(n) and his siblings, Virginia Wright Manley, and their children Gladys P. Manley Haenny (George Washington Haenny, or Merle Wright and Edith Naomi Manley, please post back. George Haenny is buried in Shiloh and Find a Grave says that Gladys is also; but her name doesn't show up on this website data base.
    about 9 months ago
  • Belinda Mathers Ann Stoddard Hi Ann. My name is Belinda Mathers. I found your gravesite entry for Nero C. Alexander. He was the first husband of my 2nd great-grandmother Mary Clanton. They were only married for a year before he passed away. They had one daughter, Effie. Mary married my 2nd great grandfather Eli Burnett in 1873 in Litchfield Twp. Do you have any information on the Alexanders, Clantons or Burnetts? Thanks, Belinda
    about 9 months ago
  • August 13

  • kristy davidson My Davidson-Todd family came to Fayette and Montgomery counties, respectfully. I understand that my 4grt-grandfatherThomas J. Todd and his father, Benjamin, are buried in the Isbell Cemetery. Am interested in locating any records of their lives. Will be sending on photos of my grandparents, Hiram Johnson Davidson and Martha Todd Davidson, in later life. Any assistance obtaining info will be appreciated.
    about 9 months ago
    • Marjorie BaileyKristy Davidson. Hello. Isbell Cemetery is in Section 31, South Hurricane Twp., Fayette Co. IL. Marjorie.
      3:40 PM August 13
  • August 09

  • Thomas Reddin I'm looking for a good email address for Keith Carriker. Marjorie Paul gave me two fifferent addresses and both bounced. I'm looking for a full DOB for Lewis B. Carriker along with a picture of his headstone in Mount Zion Cemetery and a better DOB for Harriet Clementine Carriker than 1941.
    about 9 months ago
    • Marjorie BaileyThomas Reddin: Hello. I have Louis Carriker b. 7/26/1847 son of Lewis & Eliza (Pitts) Carriker. Is this the one you want? Do you have death date for Harriet Carriker Best? Marjorie Bailey
      2:20 PM August 12
    • Thomas ReddinNo, I'm looking for the full DOB for Lewis B. Carriker. Harriet died abt 1895. Do you have a good email address for Keith Carriker? The two previous ones you provided both bounced.
      9:25 AM August 19
    • Marjorie BaileyThomas: Sorry, I did not give you an address for Keith Carriker and I do not know him. It may be into September before I can try looking at Mt. Zion. Marjorie.
      4:30 PM August 20
    • Thomas ReddinThank you. I missunderstood about Keith. Sorry. If you can get to Mt Zion, that would be most helpful. Lewis Carriker's wife, Ann Eliza Pitts Carriker, is buried there. I was thinking that his death date (15 Nov 1847)would be on his stone along with his age in years, months and days and I could work backwards to get his birth date. That is how Eliza's headstone is.
      10:29 AM August 29

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