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♦ Margaret Taulbee is the 3x Great Grandmother of member: Louise Rogers
♦ Joseph Taulbee is the 3x Great Grandfather of member: Louise Rogers
♦ Andrew Taulbee is the 2x Great Grandfather of member: Louise Rogers
♦ Eva Taulbee is the 2x Great Grandmother of member: Louise Rogers
♦ Thomas Reeves is the 3x Great Grandfather of member: Louise Rogers
♦ George Nimmo is the Cousin of member: Greg Nimmo
♦ Pauline C Nimmo is the Great Grandmother of member: Greg Nimmo
♦ Opal Irene Nimmo is the Grandmother of member: Greg Nimmo
♦ William H Nimmo is the Great Grandfather of member: Greg Nimmo
♦ Edwin Charles Nimmo is the Grandfather of member: Greg Nimmo
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Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois

  • December 16

  • Rosann Martin Research on the George Washington Miller family
    2 days ago
  • November 16

  • Dale Shirley Question! William D. Shirley, born 1831 is listed as a Justice of the Peace, August 17, 1839. He was born 1831, so only 8 yrs old. Obviously this is a mistake. I think that it was William D. Shirley Sr. born 1800, S.C. or Tenn who was the Justice of the Peace. Could this mistake be corrected. Also, any chance that their are any photo's of William D. Shirley Sr. born 1800 and of William D. Shirley born 1831, since both held important positions in Hillsboro and for Montgomery Co. Illinois. Thank you Dale Shirley. email
    about 2 months ago
  • November 11

  • Jim May Michael Hoffman Yes, Michael. We'd love to have those. Check your messages. I'll send you my info and we can get it figured out.
    about 2 months ago
  • November 07

  • Michael Hoffman Historical Society Group I have 3 water color paintings and one wood cut print by Carson Donnell (Donnellson early 20th local artist). The paintings are barns and farm houses. The wood cut is Seymour Bridge over Shoal Creek near Hillsboro. Is the historical society want to be willed them?
    about 2 months ago
  • November 03

  • Stephanie Messenger Sandy Barnett Hi there! Welcome!
    about 2 months ago
  • October 25

  • Lola DeGroff Linda Wallis Linda, I'm working on a US Daughters of 1812 application and need proof that Lucy Tyler Thompson was the daughter of Archibald Thompson & Mary Bennett. Supposedly her parents gave permission for her marriage to Wm. Franklin Rainey but it was not in Clinton Co. IL files.
    about 2 months ago
    • Linda WallisAn article that was published on Rev. William Franklin Rainey in PAST AND PRESENT, Montgomery County Illinois, published 1904, lists her father as Archibald W. Thompson. If you want more information, please contact me at:
      8:48 PM October 29
  • October 21

  • roger wyld My grandfather, John William Wyld operated two restaurants in Nokomis around 1935. The Green Gables was west of town next to the Big Four RR tracks. The other, The Uptown Cafe. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank, Roger
    about 2 months ago
  • October 19

  • Ken Hildreth Is there a plot map posted somewhere of Elmwood Cemetery, or could someone please advise what area of the cemetery is Section/Block 46? I found my G-G-Grandmother/Grandfather (Lavonne & William Hildreth) in your datase and am passing through Litchfield next Sunday and would like to photograph their graves. Thank you.
    about 2 months ago
  • October 18

  • Jeffrey B. Dunn Sarah Ernst Sarah (Welge) Ernst Memorial Page:;tabid=981
    about 3 months ago
  • October 16

  • Jean Gruber I found an obit for a Ted Simmons a well known sports writer among my dad's papers when cleaning out drawers. He apparently knew him and saved the obit, but Ihe doesn't have any connection to our family. I will be happy to send it to you or any of the family members who might want it if you will let me know.
    about 3 months ago
  • October 09

  • John Harris Annette King Hi Annette. I'm new to this so I'm just learning. Looking forward to touching base with you and learning more!
    about 3 months ago
  • October 07

  • John Harris Annette King Hi cousin :). I'm so glad you saw this and posted. If ok, I'll provide my email address and perhaps we could touch base and share what we know. Thanx! Look forward to hearing from you!
    about 3 months ago
  • October 05

  • Larry Whitsell According to Bing Maps and Google Maps the location of Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Montgomery County is 39.2564° N, 89.6274° W.
    about 3 months ago
  • October 03

  • John Harris Looking for information, or decendants, of Alvin A McLean, buried in Waveland Cemetery. Civil War Veteran, 9th Illinois Infantry. Thank you.
    about 3 months ago
    • Annette KingI am related to Alvin Aiken McLean through his son Charles that married my great grandfather's sister Nellie King. I do have some of their info through research that would be happy to share.
      7:56 PM October 07
    • John HarrisThank you Annette! Look forward to hearing from you again !
      8:18 PM October 07
  • October 02

  • Dan Darling Ann Tindall Ann, I was trying to link Cathy to her dad when I found I couldn't and that there were duplicate records -figured easiest fix was to let you know about it... Paul Skinn 38843 Father of: Cathy Skinn 49352 Kathy Skinn 38844 Duplicate records - correct spelling is Cathy Thanks, Dan
    about 3 months ago
  • September 28

  • Mary Collins Mary Collins I am researching Milton Robb, born 1810, died 1879; Mary (Polly) Evans Robb, his wife, and all related persons.
    about 3 months ago
  • September 21

  • Robert Cary I would like to thank all who have contributed to this site. I have enjoyed reading the information and have even found some information I didn't have.
    about 3 months ago
  • September 20

  • Carey Carter Is your society, or maybe a museum in Montgomery County that would be interested in this?
    about 3 months ago
  • Carey Carter I have a signed copy of the illustrated Atlas map of Montgomery County Illinois from 1874. It was signed by General Jessie J Phillips the signature is above the printed version of the signature on the front page.
    about 3 months ago
    • jim coughlinWill there be a copy on site for review? In particular, I am looking for the site of the town of Woodsboro and the farm property of the Alexanders in the late 1840-1850.
      5:13 PM September 26
  • September 19

  • Peter Smith I am searching for the relatives of Eugene Vincent Smith 1891-1954 whose Daughter was Alice (died at age 6) and whose son was Frank Charles Smith born in Toledo, Ohio in 1914. Franks mother was Myrtle May-Eugenes first wife. I am Frank's oldest son and would like to reseach my granfather who I never met and have very little history. Thanks Peter Frank Charles Smith
    about 3 months ago
    • Carol Hounsellit appears that it is possible that Eugene's middle name is Vernon, both 9-22-1891 in Port Auston, Huron, Michigan. Census records show he worked for the railroad and was living in Chicago in 1940 and married to Evelyn L. Smith. She also worked for the railroad. Myrtle May's father was Charles L. Mizner and if you google his name there is a family tree online for more information. Hope this helps
      11:25 AM September 21
    • Peter SmithHi Carol-Thx for the information on Eugene V Smith- I believe his middle name is Vincent according to my info. I am not at home until next week and can verify his middle name when I get back.. I also have some of Myrtles info. I am trying to find any or all survivors of Eugene. My father Frank was not reared by Eugene past age 5 or 6 years. thx again Pete Smith
      7:14 PM October 01

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Forgotten Cemeteries of Montgomery County Illinois
The Forgotten Cemeteries title is in tribute to all the cemetery readings done by Walter Sanders and his high school students in the 1940's. Hopefully we can carry on the tradition and work together to locate and read all the abandoned cemeteries in Montgomery County!

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