Montgomery County Illinois History
Montgomery County Farm Bureau – Hillsboro Illinois
Montgomery County Farm Bureau – Hillsboro Illinois

The Montgomery County Farm Bureau has its headquarters in a building on the west side of the courthouse square. The local Farm Bureau was organized April 1, 1918, but it is known that as early as 1870 the farmers of Montgomery county recognized the need of co-operation in solving their many problems. In March of that year they formed a club and employed a special agent to travel in the east, where he could watch the livestock markets and send reports to members.

Alden Snyder has managed the local bureau since its inception in 1918, and from point of service is now the oldest farm adviser in Illinois. The office staff handles the details of subsidiary divisions dealing in petroleum products, insurance, crop control, soil conservation, marketing, serums, and insect eradication. The 725 members are stockholders in the major subsidiaries, sharing in the profits according to the patronage contributed. Home Bureau Units, with 216 women members, are under the supervision of Mrs. Mabel Albrecht. The Farm Bureau gives special attention to rural youth activities, particularly to the 4-H Clubs. Almost three hundred boys and girls are interested in crop and livestock projects, sewing and domestic science.

Taken from: “Hillsboro Guide” 1940

Photo above shows the Farm Bureau at the corner of Berry and Water Street downtown Hillsboro – taken sometime between 1928 and 1935.

Montgomery County Farm Bureau was started in 1918, they rented space in the Yoffie Building in Hillsboro. In 1928 Farm Bureau moved to a new building built on the corner of Berry and Water Streets.  Then in 1935 Farm Bureau moved to its current location.  In 1948 the building was enlarged and remodeled.  Then in 1951 a fire destroyed most of the south portion of the building and damaged the north part of the building extensively.  Remodeling occurred quickly.

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