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Fillmore Illinois Historical Society and Museum

Fillmore Illinois Historical Society and Museum

It has been interesting to all involved to see the different memorabilia that has been donated. We have pictures of Main Street on display, some dating back to its beginning. We have pages of The Fillmore Record, a newspaper published in Fillmore in 1891. The many memories of happenings in our youth come to mind as we view pictures hanging on the walls. Pictures of graduating classes that once hung in the hall of the old high school now have a permanent home in the museum. Two chairs from the opera house have recently been added. We have the last container to hold the tickets for the Saturday Night Drawings! Fillmore servicemen's pictures and even some uniforms from those who served in WWII are there. These items mentioned only skim the surface of all that has been donated.

If you have not visited the museum, we invite you to do so. We also ask you consider donating items that you feel would be of interest to others. The only requirement is that they have a Fillmore "connection".


We have a new building for the museum now.

Our museum is now located in the Old Fillmore School.

Thank you to all that made this possible.

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