Montgomery County Illinois History

Dunn Brown & Company Hillsboro, IL

The J. J. Frey Bond and Mortgage Company was started in March, 1890, by J. J. Frey as a real estate, loan and insurance business, and in 1891 Charles H. Rolston was taken in as partner. The abstract books of Amos Sawyer were purchased and the firm was then known as Frey & Rolston. In 1893 Charles H. Rolston sold his interest to J. J. Frey and Mr. Rolston was employed in the office. In 1895 the business was conducted under the name of J. J. Frey and a general real estate, loan and abstract business was carried on. In 1900 the abstract books were sold to H. R. Crawford and in 1905 H. M. Beckwith came into the office and the firm was then known as J. J. Frey & Co.

In 1915 the St. Louis office was established and the company was incorporated with a capital of $160,000.00 under the name of J. J. Frey Bond and Mortgage Company, which concern is doing business under that name at the present time. The company has been active and has taken a deep interest in any work pertaining to the progress, development and betterment of Hillsboro and its community. In the last twenty-five years it has never lost any money for any of its patrons or customers. Some of the things that were features of J. J. Frey & Co. was its activity in the paving of the streets, laying out sewer districts in the city of Hillsboro and laying out active additions, such as Fairmont Place, Prairie Heights, Schram City, Taylor Springs, and its assisting in the incorporating of the Hillsboro Brick & Tile Co., Montgomery County Telephone Co., Hillsboro Electric Light Co. and Kortkamp Coal Co.

Taken from “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Volume II” Montgomery County (1918) by A. T. Strange

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