Montgomery County Illinois History
The most successful effort at town building was made when some of the Hillsboro progressive citizens bought a field of coal along the north line of the township where Mr. Pocock had essayed to secure a station to be named Pocock, and which had seemingly ceased to attract a population, and sunk a mine, with William Kortkamp as the manager. Some thirty or forty houses were built and the town called Kortkamp. But many of the houses were allowed to revert to the builders, and for a while the builders were burdened with cheap houses they could not dispose of. Then came Mr. Schram with a proposition to establish a large plant for the manufacture of the Schram automatic glass jars, and the proposition was looked upon favorably by the Hillsboro capitalists and in January, 1906, work was begun on a plant located in the northwest corner of East Fork Township. By September the plant was giving employment to about 125 people and began shipping jars by the carload. This excited a growth in town building. A town was platted and dwellings built and sold, until in a very short time a nice little village was assembled just south of the plant. In the meantime a schoolhouse was built midway between Schram and Kortkamp, and when the organization and incorporation of a municipality was being considered, it was no difficult matter to unite the two into one incorporation with the schoolhouse in the center, under the pretentious name of Schram City. Schram City is now a very considerable place, with a population of about 500, with the Schram plant and the Kortkamp coal mine as the important industries. Besides these industries there are two grocery stores, two restaurants, two poolrooms, one rooming house, three general stores, one second hand store, one picture gallery for moving pictures, and some other small business houses. One church has recently been built by the Baptist denomination, of which Rev. Robert L. White is the present pastor. The present officials of the town are: Peter Hill, president; John Calavo, town clerk, and Jacob H. Lerlela, Ora Traylor, Charles W. Jones, E. P. Reeves. Edward Deck, W. M. Tisdale, aldermen, and Ford Woods, treasurer. Schram City has had the following police magistrates: William Fanik, 1907; Joseph McAfee, 1908, and Frank B. Freeland, 1909 and 1913. Its marshal’s nave been: John Jordan, 1909 and 1910; Hiram Woods, 1911, and 1912; W. M. Sherman, 1913; George Lewis, 1914 and 1915; and Wright Christy, 1916.
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