Montgomery County Illinois History
Origin of the township name "Bois d’ Arc"

In the spring of 1851 Mr. Lewis Thomas entered 970 acres of land in township 12 N., R 5 W., Montgomery County.  This was the fourth, and by far the most important, entry made in this township.  On this land was the second land-breaking done within this township.  This breaking was for a hedge-row.
Immediately after entering this land, he put a hedge around the entire tract.  Such extensive hedging at the time was considered rash, as Osage orange, or Bois d’ Arc, was regarded by the cautious at best a mere experiment.  Hence others awaited the results of Mr. Thomas’s experience with this particular species of fence.  The results were of the most gratifying character; the reputation of Bois d’ Arc as a hedge plant was fully established, and others were influenced to break and hedge.  Thus the first successful hedging in the county was accomplished in this township.  From this fact the name of the plant, Bois d’ Arc, upon the petition of Mr. Thomas, was given to this precinct and township.
Taken from the 1874 Montgomery  County Illustrated Atlas
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