Montgomery County Illinois History

As before mentioned John Tillson was the first merchant, and the second was John Prentice, who opened his store in 1825. He came from St. Clair County to Hillsboro and lived in "Granny" Wright's cabin. Another early merchant was Charles Holmes who came here in 1832 or 1833. Joseph Miller operated a tan yard. Jacob Wilson was one of the earliest shoemakers, and used to go from family to family all over the county, making shoes for each member as was the custom of those days. John Slater and Deacon Alexander Scott were also shoemakers. Nathan and Burton Harmon and a Mr. Hutchinson were among the early blacksmiths. W. A. Morrison and Kimball Prince were the next. Fred Hillsabeck was another of the early blacksmiths for these mechanics were in great demand. Wesley Seymour was the second wagon maker, John Nusman being the first, as before stated. John Meisenheimer combined wagon making with carpenter work. John Dickerson, David Eddy, Ira Boone, and Hudson Berry were the first brick makers of Hillsboro. William Brewer turned a lathe, and manufactured furniture, and did all kinds of woodwork. Thomas Sturtevant, Alfred Durant, E. B. Hubbell and James Blackman were also cabinetmakers. David B. Jackson started an ox-tread mill, which was later enlarged into the first steam-mill of the place by John Tillson, and here he ground flour and sawed lumber until the plant was burned in 1840.

Taken from: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Volume II Montgomery County

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