Montgomery County Illinois History

Settlers in Montgomery County, Illinois before 1840 (A-L)

Compiled by Walter Sanders

This alphabetized list of persons who had settled in Montgomery County, Illinois, by 1840, was compiled by Walter R. Sanders and published in THE NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY during 1951, 1952, and 1953. Mr. Sanders consulted census records of 1820-1850 for Montgomery and neighboring counties; marriage, birth and death records; settlement of estate files; probate court records; journal records; land patents; family histories; Bible records; tax records, and Jury lists. The list gives birthplace, approximate birth date, counties and states to which the family moved before coming to Montgomery County. An * indicates the family is found in another county after being once listed in Montgomery county.

ABBOTT, Stephen, b. 22 Nov 1797, NH

*ABELL, James H., b. l0 Feb 1802, KY - family found in Bond and Sangamon counties

ABLE, Armston, b. 1800-10

ADAMS, Mathew, son of Giles and Elizabeth (Miller) Adams of NC; moved to East Tennessee and in 1829 to Madison County, IL, then to Macoupin and Montgomery counties

*ADCOCK, Ansel, b. 1780-90, found in Macoupin county in 1850

ADKISON, Terry, from NC, b. 1790-1800; d. 17 Feb 1839

ALDRIDGE, Rev., Methodist minister of Witt Township

ALEXANDER, John, b. 1805, GA, to TN

ALEXANDER, Richard, b. 10 Jan 1810, TN; son of Joseph

*ALEXANDER, Isaac b. 1805, Guilford Co. NC

*ALEXANDER, Joseph b. 1810-20

*ALEXANDER, Joshua C., served on first jury of 1821

ALLEN, Wellington or Millington, b. 1801, SC; to KY

ALLEN, John b. 1807, KY

ALLEN, Robert, b. 7 May 1798, Bowling Green, KY

ALLEN, Covington, b. 1800-10

ALLEN, William, b. 15 Jan 1799, Roane Co., TN

ALLMAN, Nelson, b. 1820, NC

*ANDERSON, Benjamin, b. 1770-80

ANDERSON, George H., b. 13 Aug 1790, TN; to Henderson Co. KY

ANDERSON, Margaret, William, b. 1800-10

ARMENTROUT, Christopher, b. 5 Sept 1797, Hardy Co. VA

ARMSTRONG, James D., b. 1800-10

ARMSTRONG, Aaron, settled 1817-1818 in Clear Springs area; from KY

*ARNET, John, b. 1790-1800

*ARNOLD, Benjamin, b. cl8l0; NC to Carroll Co. NC

*ARTHURS, Joseph W., b. 1800-10

*ASBURY, Richard, b. 1800-10

*ATEN, William, b. 1800-10

*ATKINSON, William, b. 1780-90

*AULGUER, William, b. 1808, KY; found in 1850 census in Brown Co. IL

AUSTIN, Joseph, b. 1805 KY

AYDELOTT, Rev. Clement C., b, 17 Jan 1806; from TN

BAGBY, Davis, b. 1793 NC; to KY

BAILEY, Thomas, moved to Jackson Co. TN in 1839

BAILEY, Isaac, settled in Zanesville Township in 1829

*BAKER, E. M., b. 1810-1820

BAKER, James, b. 1770-80, found in 1840 in Christian Co. IL

BAKER, Jacob, Sr., b. 1770-80; d. 14 Sept 1840; from Pulaski Co. KY

*BAKER, Andrew, b. 1810-20

BAKER, Roxanna, b. 4 Apr 1792, MA relict of Dr. Calvin Baker of Roxbury, MA

BAKER, Richmond

BAKER, Elias, from GA to county in 1819: returned to GA

BALLARD, William B.; b. 1798

BALLDOCK, Richard; 1800-10

BARBER, Rev. John; b. 5 Jan l870, Lincoln Co. NC

BARLOW, John; b. 1797 NC

BARLOW, Joseph; b. 11 Dec 1901, TN

BARLOW, James, b. 1790-1800

BARLOW, Elizabeth, b. 1770-80, NC to TN

BARNES, Jeremiah, b. 1808 TN

BARNETT, James, b. 1793 SC

BARRINGER, Aaron, b. 29 June 1809, Cabarrus Co. NC

BARRINGER, Daniel, b. 11 June 1790, Cabarrus Co. NC

BARRY, John, 13 July 1806, Barren Co. KY

BARRY, Richard, b. 27 Jan 1790; from VA to Barren Co. KY

BARTLETT, Samuel, b. c1772 VA; Henry Co. KY; d. 29 Apr l835

BARTLETT, Samuel, b, 1818, Henry Co. KY

BARTLETT, John N., b. l810-1820

BARTON, Bentley B., b. 1810 VA

BASTIAN, Rev., early Methodist minister in Irving Township

*BEARD, George, b. 1780-1790

BECK, John, Sr., .b. l780-90, NC; d. 23 Jan l844

*BECK, John, Jr., b. 1800-1810

BECK, Thomas, b.1794, Rochester, Rockingham Co. NH

BECKHAM, Nancy, b. l785 NC

BECKHAM, John, b. l8l5 NC

*BEEDLE, John, b. 1780-90

*BELL, John, b. 1780-90

BELL, Bazil, 1800-10; in Shelby Co. IL in 1845

BENNETT, Samuel, b. 1780-90; d by 16 Aug 1833

*BENNETT, Richmond, b. 1800-10; lived in Fayette Co. IL

BENNETT, Azariah, b. 1792 MA

*BENNETT, Moses R.; possibly same as found in 1850 census of Adams Co. IL

*BENNIAN, John, 1800-10

BENSON, Rev. John H., Methodist preacher

BERRY, George, b. 1760-70

*BERRY, Harry, b. 1790-1800

*BERRY, Efijah C.; moved to Bond Co. IL

BERRY, Jonathan

BERRY, Hudson, b. 1811 VA

*BERRY, Joseph, b. 1810 TN; moved to Bond Co. IL

BERRY, James M., 1811 KY

BERRY, William S., b. 1807 VA; moved to KY

BEWLEY, Oliver H., b. 22 May 1809, Bucks Co. PA; to Warren Co. OH

BIGHAM, Joseph, b. 27 Jan 1804 MD

*BLACK, James, b. 1780-90

BLACK, James B., 7 Oct 1799 KY; moved to TN

BLACKBURN, Richard, b. 1804, Loudoun Co. VA

BLACKBURN, Robert B., b. 30 Mar 1816, Loudoun Co. VA

BLACKMAN, James, b. 1 Nov 1778 MA

BLACKWELDER, Alfred, b. 17 July 1811, Cabarrus Co. NC

BLACKWELDER, Peter, b.7 Sept 1810, Cabarrus Co. NC

BIACKWELL, Samuel, b. l791 VA

BLACKWOOD, Johnson, b. 7 Sept 1800 NC

BLAIR, Colbert, Sr., b. 1770-80

BLAIR, Enos, b. l798 NC

BLAIR, John, b. 4 Mar 1790 KY

*BLAIR, Colbert, Jr., 1800-1810

*BLAKE, Calvin, b. 1810-20

BLAND, James

BLISS, Rev. Alfred; b.1811, Bradford, VT

BLOCKBURGER, Christian B.; b, Oct. 1776; d. July 1845

BLOCKBURGER, Meredith; b. cl8l8, IL

BOOHER, John, b. 1782; to KY

BOONE, Dr. Ira; b. KY

BOONE, Dr. Levi; b. 8 Dec 1808, KY

BOST, Aaron; b. 13 Mar 1802, Cabarrus Co. NC

BOST, Daniel; b. 31 Dec 1815, Rowan Co. NC

BOST, Jacob; b. 4 Apr 1794, Cabarrus Co. NC

BOSTICK, James; b. 18 Aug 1804; d. 3 Dec 1841

BOSTICK, John; b. 28 Nov 1794; d. 11 Sept 1844

BOSTICK, Ezra; b. 1753, Queen Anne Co. MD; Revolutionary War Veteran; to Anson Co. NC; to Henderson Co. KY

BOUTWELL, Phordice; b. 1809 NH

BOWMAN, Samuel B.; 1810-20

BOYD, John; b. c1818, Hickman, TN

BRADFORD, David; d. before 21 Oct 1825

BRADFORD, Samuel F.; b. 1800-10; d. 4 Dec 1837

BRADLEY, Richard; b. 1780-90; moved Bond Co. IL

BRADLEY, Lawrence; b. 1800-10; d. c1837

BRADLEY, Wi11iam; b. 1810-20

*BRADY, Wiles J.; b. 1800-10


BREWER, George

* BREWER, Meredith;  b. 1780-90

BREWER, William; b. 18 June 1803, Chatham Co. NC; to Christian and Trigg Cos. KY

BRIANCE (BRYANCE), Henry; b. 27 Mar 1766, York Co. PA; to Mecklenburg Co. NC.  War veteran; d 19 Aug 1833

BRIANCE (BRYANCE), James; b. 1790--1800

*BRICE, Alexander

*BRICE, Nancy

BRIGGS, Thomas; b. 1760-70

BRIGGS, Mary; b. 1807, NC

BRIGGS, Robert; b. 27 Nov 1779, PA or TN; moved to OH

BRIGGS, Samuel L.; b. 1810, OH

BRIGGS, Stephen; b. 26 Feb 1812, Zanesville, OH

BRIGGS, John H.; b, 1800-10

BROCKMAN, Samuel; b. 1800-10

BROCKMAN, Thomas; b. 1800-10; from KY

BROCKMAN, Thomas; b. 1759; Revolutionary War veteran; d. 1838; lived Albemarle Co. VA

*BROOKKFIELD, Joseph; b. 1800-10

BROOKMAN, Garrett; b. 1810-20, MD

*BROOKS, Isaac C.; b. 1800-20

* BROOKS, George J.; b. 1810-20

BROOKS, William; b. 1817, OH

* BROOKS, William; b. 1800-10; Clermont, OH

* BROOKS, Fanny, b. 1780-90

BROWN, Richard; b. 1760-70  

     (Sons) Harrison; b. 1815, KY

                 Hiram; b. 14 Oct 1807, KY

                John; b. 8 May 1804, KY

BROWN, David; b. 1805, TN; d. 1847

BROWN, James; b. 8 Jan 1802, TN; d. 30 July 1846

BROWN, Nicodemus; b. 14 Apr 1787, MD; to Jefferson and Guernsey Cos., OH

BROWN, Elisha; b. VA; d. 5 Jan 1846

BROWN, Matthew

BROWN, William; b. 5 Sept 1794, NC

BROWN, John, b. 1778, NC

BROWN, Daniel; b, 1790-1800

BROWN, Tazewell

BROWN, John M.; b. 1800-10

BROWN, Alzare; b. Jefferson Co., OH

*BROWNING, Joseph; b. 1806, KY

*BROWNING, Daniel; b, 1775, SC; to KY

BRUNDAGE, Willlam; d. by 13 Dec 1827

*BRYANT, James; b. 1780-90

BULLOCK, James; 1800-10; in LaSalle Co., IL, in 1850

BURG, Rev. William

BURKE, Beatty T.; b.12 Sept 1806, Jefferson, VA; to Macoupin Co., IL

BURKE, John; b. 1785, VA

BURKE, Riley; b. 1810-20; d. 9 Apr 1846

BURKE, Andrew; b. 16 May 1805, VA; to Smith Co. TN

BURNAP, George; b. 19 Apr 1791, NY; to Butler Co. OH

*BURROWS, George H; b. 1800-10

*BUTTON, John; b. 1780-90

BUZAN, Jesse; b. 1780-90

BUZAN, William; b. 1790-1800

BUZAN, Thomas; b. 1760-70; d. by 3 Sept 1831

*BYBEE, Sered; b. 1800-10

*BYBEE, Jonathan; b. 1800-10

*CAMERON, Sarah; b. 1780-90; from TN

CAMERON, James; b. 1809, TN

*CAMP, Caroline; b. 1810-20

CANADY (CANNADAY, KENEDY), John; b. 14 Jan 1763, King George Co. VA; to Campbell Co. VA; Bedford Co. VA; Casey Co. KY

     (Children) John; b. 9 Oct 1807, Casey Co. KY

                       Robert C.





CANNON, John; b. 1800-10

CANNON, William; b. 1809, Mercer Co. KY

* CANNON, Charles; b. 1800-10

CARD, James; b. 1784-90; NC to KY

CARD, Calvin; b. 1811, KY

CARDWELL, Caleb W.; b. 1790-1800; d. 13 Apr 1846; from TN

CARRIKER, Allen; b. 1820, Cabarrus Co. NC

CARRIKER, Henry; b. 20 Oct 1784, Cabarrus Co. NC

CARRIKER, George; b. 1788, Cabarrus Co. NC

CARRIKER, Martin; b. 1814, Cabarrus Co. NC

CARRIKER, Alfred; b. l8l0-20

*CARTER, Joseph; b. 1780-90; in Fayette Co. IL in 1840

CARTER, Henry; d. by 5 Mar 1835

CASEY, Elijah; b. 1796, VA; to Warren Co. KY

CASEY, Levi; b. l79l, SC; in Shelby Co., IL, in 1850

CASEY, John, b. 1770

CASEY, Abner; b. 25 Apr 1803, SC; to Warren Co. KY

CASEY, Aaron; b. 1792, NC; to KY

CASEY, Thomas

CASS, John; b. KY; to Warren Co. OH; b. 13 Aug 1835

CASS, Archibald; b. 6 June 1797; to Warren Co. OH; d. 27 Oct 1845

CASS, William

CASS, Lewis

*CHAPMAN, Eliphalet; b. 1790-1800

CHASTAIN (CHASTINE), John A.; by 19 Oct 1841

CHASTAIN (CHASTINE), Thomas; b. 1810-20

*CHERRY, Pleasant; b. 1820, TN; in Macoupin Co. IL, in 1850

CHRISTIAN, John; b. 1775, NC; to KY

     (Sons): Thomas C.; b. 1802, NC

                   Patrick Cain

                   William R.

*CHRISTY, Thomas; b. 1800-10

CHUMLEY, Thomas; b. probably VA

CLAPP, Aaron

CLARDY, Jordan; b. Knox Co. TN

CLARK, Soper; b. 1803, VT

CLARKE, John C.; to KY; d. 29 Dec 1837 in Montgomery Co. IL

CLARK, William; from TN

CLAUSSEN, Emil H.; b. 24 Nov l8l4, Denmark

CLAUSSEN, Sateen; d. 23 July 1849, Jefferson Co., IL

CLINE, William; b. 1780-90, NC

* CLINE, Alexander; b. 1810-15

CLINE, Reuben; b. 1815, IL

*CLINE, John D.; b. 1810-20

CLINE, Nelson

CLOTFELTER, Nancy; b. 1790-1800, from NC

     (sons) Amos; b. 1810, NC

                 George L.; b. 29 Apr 1812, Iredell or Rowan Co., NC

COCKELREAS, John; b. 1760 in Holland; to NC; d. 15 Jan 1843

COCKELREAS, George; b. 18 Feb 1807, NC

COCKREL, Newton; d. 10 June 1834

COFFEY, Newton; b. I773, NC; to KY; lived Wilkes Co., NC

COFFEY, Cleveland Sale; b. 24 June 1803, Wilkes Co. NC

COFFEY, Colbert; b. 1811

* COFFEY, Watten

COFFEY, Thomas

*COLLINS, Jeptha

*COMBEST, James; b. 1800-10

*COMBS, H. L. W.; b. 1800-10

COMPTON, Kenneth; b. 1780-90; d. 27 Dec 1840; probably from IN

COMPTON, William; b. 1810-20

COMPTON, James; b. 1807, KY; to IN

COMPTON, Greenberry; b. 1820, IN


*COOK, John L.

*COPELAND, James E.; b. 1800-10

*COPELAND, James Senior; b. 1770-80

*COPELAND, David, b. 1800-10

*COPELAND, Samuel; b. 1810-20, KY

CORLEW, Philip; b. 16 Sept 1777, NC; to Rockcastle, KY

     (Sons) John B. Jen 1813, KY

                  Lindsay; d. 1835

*CORNWALL, George W.; b. 1800-10

COTTINGHAM, William; b. 1807, TN

COTTINGHAM, George; b. 1802 TN

*COUDEN (CONDER?), Peter; b. 1760-70

*COUDEN (CONDER?), Eli; b. 1800-10

COUDY, Oliver

CRABTREE, John; b. 31 May 1763-64, Randolph Co., NC; Revolutionary War Veteran; to SC; to Muhlenberg Co., KY

     (Son) John A.; b. 9 May 1809, KY

CRABTREE, Amanda; b. 1780-90

CRAIG, Larkin; b. 1800-10, SC

CRAIG, Thomas; b. Oct, 1762, Granville Co., NC; Revolutionary War Veteran;

Made application; moved Burke Co., NC; to KY

* CRAIG, William; b. 1800-10

* CRAIG, James Sr.; b. 1780-90

*CRAIG, Windsor; b. 1800-10

*CRAIG, Thomas Jr.; b. 1800-10

CRAIG, Linn; b. 1808

*CRAIG, Nelson


CRAIN, Lattemas M.; b. 30 Oct 1810; d. 9 Apr 1842

CRANE, Sears

CRAWFORD, James; b. 16 May 1792, Rockingham Co., VA; to TN

CRAWFORD, Edward; b. 7 Oct 1811, Washington, TN

CRESS, Peter; b. 1807, Cabarrus Co. NC

CRESS, Moses; b. 8 May 1800, Cabarrus Co., NC

CRESS, Jacob, Sr.; b. 26 Dec 1779, Cabarrus Co., NC

CRESS, Jacob, Jr.; b. 5 May 1818, Washington, IN

CRESS, Joseph; b. c1802, Cabarrus Co., NC

CRESS, Martin; b. 12 Jan 1813, Cabarrus Co., NC

CRISP, William; later lived Perryville, Bond Co., IL

CROW, Robert; b. 1800, PA

*Crow, John, b. 1800-10


*CRUTHIS, Joseph; b. 1800-10; a Bond County, IL. Family

*CRYDER, Moses; b. 1780-90

CUNDIFF, Burrell; b. 1810-20

CUNDIFF, William; b. 1807, KY

CUNDIFF, Mary; b. 1790-1800

CUNDIFF, Squire; b. 1815, TN


*CYUHERT, William T.; b. 1800-10; Name found in 1850 Fulton Co., IL, census

*DAVIS, Moses; b. 1807, VT

DAVIS, Joseph; b. 1810, SC

DAVIS, Ira; b. 1807, NY

DAVIS, Nancy; b. 1810, SC

DAVIS, William; b. 1810, SC

* DAVIS, Daniel; b. 1800-10

DAVIS, James; b. 1796, SC

DAVIS, John; b. 1787, VA; to TN

DAVIS, Israel; b. 1760-70; d. between 7 Jan and 23 Feb 1837; from NY

* DAVIS, George; b. 1780-90

* DAVIS, Israel; b. 1780-90

* DAVIS, Jacob; b. 1810-20

* DAVIS, Jonas; b. 1790-1800

DALLESON, Thomas; d. 1837

*DAY, John; b. 1780-90

*DEAN, William; b. 1790-1800

*DEAN, Jacob; b. 1770-80

*DENHAM, Philip N.; b. 1778-90


*DENNY, Robert W.; Bond and Christian County, IL, families

DENTON, Susan; b. 1780-90 or 1740-50

* DENTON, Jonathan d. 29 Sept 1828, in Montgomery County, IL

* DENTON, Jonas; b. 1800-10

DESHANE, Eli; b. 24 Jan 1810, TN

DESHANE, Levi; b. 1800-10

DEVAN, George A.; b. 1810-20

DEW, Rev, John

DEY, Paul; b. 1810-20

DICKENS, Ephraim; b. 1800-10


DICKSON, Jane; b. 22 June 1760, Ireland

DICKSON, Francis; b. 1810-20

DICKSON, Francis; d. 1l Jan 1834

DILLARD, Lorenzo; b. 1800-1810

*D0KE, Joseph M.

DONALDSON (DOLASTON), Moses; b. 1810-15

DONALDSON (DOLASTON), Willis; b. 1760-70

DONALDSON (DOLASTON), Barney; b. 11 May 1785, NC; to TN


DONALDSON (DOLASTON), Thomas; b. l0 Mar 1816, TN

*DONNELL, John P., b, 1800-10

*DOTTON, John; b. 1790-1800

*DOVER, Abraham; b. 1800-10

DOVER, Isaac; b.1790-1800

DRAKE, Thomas; b. 1800-10

DRYER, John L.; b. 1800-10

DRYER, William; b. 1802, NY

DRYER, Jesse; b. 1773, MA

DRYER, Albert; b. 16 Aug 1808, VT

DUFF, George D; b. 1800-10

DUFF, Joseph; d. 18 Aug 1835

*DUNCAN, George; b. 1790-1800

DUNCAN, Jesse; b. 1800-10

DURANT, Alfred; b. l8l0-20

*DURBIN, Thomas; b. 1800-10

*DURBIN, Sylvester; b. 1800-10

*DURBIN, Joseph; b. 1790-1800

*DURBIN, Christopher; b. 1790-1800; found in Christian County, IL

*DURBAND, Isaac; b. 1780-90

*DURBAND, James; b. 1800-10

*DURBAND, Philip; b. 1760-70

*DURBAND, William; 1790-1800

*DURBAND, Levi; b. 1800-10

*DURBAND, Joseph; b. 1760-70

(These DURBAND families found in Christian County, IL)

EAKLE, Amos; b. 1800-10

EARLY, Nathan; b. 1783, MD

EARLY, William; b. 1810-20

EARLY, Thomas; b. l810-20

EASLEY, Thomas; b. 1792, VA; to KY

ECCLES, Joseph; found later in Bond County, IL

EDDY, David

EDWARDS, Thomas; b. 1793, Iredell Co., NC; moved to KY


*ELDER, John; 1790-1800

ELLIOTT, Travis D.; b.1760-70; d. 2l July 1836

ELLIOTT, , Elizabeth;  b. 1804, KY

*ENGLAND, William; b. 1800-10

EVANS, Thomas B.; b, 1801, VA

EVANS, John; b, 13 Mar 1803, TN

EVANS, Joseph; b. c1742r Spartanburg, SC; to Knoxville, TN; Revolutionary War Veteran

EVANS, Joseph; b. 12 Aug 1796, Spartanburg, SC

*EWING, James F.; b. 1810-1815

FAIRBANKS, Lowell; b. 1810-20

FAIRBANKS, Owen; b. 1800-10

FAIRBANKS, George; b. 1790-1800

FAME (FRAME), Thomas; b. l800-10

FELTZ, John K.; d. 15 Apr 1837

FILE, Jacob; b. 1805, Cabarrus Co., NC


FINLEY, John; b. 1810-20

FINLEY, William; b. in Bond County, IL

*FISHER, Frederick; b. 1800-10 (family found in Peoria Co., IL, in 1850)

FISK, Josiah; b. 1810-20


FOGLEMAN, Melchoir; b. 1778, Cabarrus Co., NC

FOGLEMAN, Elizabeth; b. 4 Feb 1798, NC

FOGLEMAN, Israel; b. 17 June 1812, NC

FOGLEMAN, John; b. l1 Apr 1819, IL

FOREHAND, Jarvis; b. 1770-80

FOREHAND, David; b. 1804, TN

FOREHAND, Ammon; b. 1800-10

FOREHAND, George; b. 7 Oct 1815, KY

FOSSET, John M.; b. 1800-10

F0X, Elizabeth; b. 1806, SC

FOX, Abel; d. by 1840

FOXWELL, William; b. 1720-80; came from NC

FRAME, George W., b. 1780; moved to Ohio; d. 22 Dec l847

FRANCIS, Presley; b. 1780-90

FRAIIKLIN, John Lawrence; b. 1790, NC; moved to TN and KY

FREEMAN, Elisha; b. 7 Aug l837

FREEMAN, Richard; came from TN

FREEMAN, Benjamin; b. 31 Dec 1803, Boston, MA

FROST, Jedidah; b. 1770-80

FROST, William; b. 1816, KY

*FROST, David; b. 1800-10

FULLER, John; b. 23 Mar 1823, Clark Co., OH

FULLER, Moses; b. 14 Feb 1778, NY; to Clark Co., OH

GANNON, James G.; b. 14 Feb l803, NC

GARLAND, Jesse; b. 1815, TN

GARLAND, Elisha; d. 2 Oct 1839

GARDNER, Henry K.; b.24 Nov l807, Williamson Co., TN; to Maury Co., TN

GARNER, Dr. Eli P.

GARRISON, Zebulon; b, 1814, GA; TN

GARRISON, John W.; b. 1806, GA; to TN

GARRISON, Delila; b.1770-80

GARRISON, William B.; d. between 29 July and 4 Aug 1835

GARRISON, Caleb; b. 1 Feb 1818, GA

GARRISON, Alexander

*GARROTT, Asbel; b. 1800-10, Fayette Co., IL

*GASS, John; b; 1781, PA; to Fayette Co., IL

GASTON, Elizabeth; b. 1788, NJ

GASTON, John R.; b, 1790-1800

GASTON, William; b. 1818, KY

GAY, George A.; 1800-10

*GENDATI, Jeremiah; b. 1800-10

*GIBSON, Robert H.; b. 1810-20

Gibson, William; b. 1780-90


*GOODMAN, Solomon; b. 1800-10

*GOODMAN, Hardin; b. 1770-80

GOODMAN, L.; b. 1800-10

* GOODMAN, Hosea; b. 1790-1800

* GOODMAN, Washington; b. 1800-10, Fayette County, IL

*GOODNIGHT, John; b. 1780-90


GORDON, Benjamin; b. Newberry, SC, 30 Aug 1763; Revolutionary War Veteran;

to Mecklenberg County, NC; to KY

GORSAGE, Edward; b. 1760-70; d. 28 Oct 1836

GRADY, Thomas

GRANTHAM, Ezekiel; b. 1804, NC

GRANTHAM, James; b. 17 Jan 1799

GRANTHAM, John; b, 1773; moved to KY

GRANTHAM, William; b. 1808, KY

GRANTHAM, Elizabeth; b. 1770-80

GRANTHAM, Thomas; b. 1801, NC

GRANTHAM, Lawrence


GRANTHAM, Isaiah; b. 19 Dec 1796

GRAY, James; b. 1770-80; moved from Monroe Co., GA, to Christian Co., KY

GRAY, Thomas; b. 9 Nov 1806

GRAY, William; b. 1810-20

GRAY, Andrew K.; b. 1800-10

GRAY, Young; b. 1814, KY

GRAY, Alexander; b. 11 Mar 1805, Monroe Co., VA

GREER, John W.; d. 9 Feb 1838; came from KY

GREER, Nancy; b. 1780-90

GREER, William

GREGORY, David E.; b.1 Dec 1809, NC

GREGORY, Daniel; b. NC

GREWES, Sarah; b. 1800-10

GRIFFITH, William, Jr.; b. 17 Dec l803, TN

GRIFFITH, William, Jr.; b. l79l; moved to TN

GRIFFITH, John; b. Mar 1808, TN

GRISHAM, Austin; b. l0 Mar 1771, Guilford Co., NC

GRISHAM, Spartan; b. 1800, Spartanburg, SC; to Dixon Co., TN

GRONER, Tobias C., b. NC

GRUBBS, Moody; b. 30 Mar 1792, Hanover, VA; to Barren Co., KY; to Todd Co., KY

GRUBBS, Cynthia; b. 11 May 1795, KY

GUNTER, Joel; b. Ju1y 1795, NC; to TN

GUNTER, Thomas; b. 1819, TN

GWYNN, Elisha; b. 1783, NC; to TN

HADLEY, Miss E. F.

HAGGOOD, Ellen; b, 1788, SC; to Todd Co., KY

*HAINES, John; b. 1770-80

HALFORD, F.; d. 8 Sept 1846; b. NC; to CT

HALLER, Samuel; b. 21 Oct 1799, Mifflin Co., PA

HALLER, John; d. 18 Aug 1845

HAMBRIGHT, Benjamin b. 1780-90

HAMILTON, Hanse b. 1803, NC (?)

HAMILTON, James; b. 1796, NC; to KY

HAMILTON, Frederick A.; b. 1810-20

HAMILTON, William M.; b. 1818, KY

HAMMOND, John; b. 1790-1800

*HAMPTON, Andrew; b. 1800-10

*HAMPTON, Johnston; b. 1800-10

*HANBY (HAMBY), Thomas; b. 1760-70

HANCOCK, John N.; b. 1805, KY; to Knox Co., IN

HANLEY, Thomas; d. 12 Dec 1844

HANNA, Archibald; b. 1810-20

HANNA, John; b. 1790, GA(?)

HARDY, Rev. Solomon

HARKEY, Martin; b. 24 Feb 1771, Iredell Co., NC

HARKEY, Mathias; b. 1795, NC

HARKEY, John; b. 1780-90

HARKEY, George; b. 5 Apr 1804, NC

HARKEY, Absalom; b. 20 June 1816, NC

HARKEY, Martin; b. 1813, Iredell Co., NC

HARKEY, Solomon; b. 26 Dec 1806, Iredell Co., NC

HARMON, Nathan; b. 1790-1800

HARMON, John B.; b. 1790-1800

HARMON, Lewis; b. 1750-60

HARNET, Amans; d. 2 Oct 1839

HARRIS, Benjamin b. 1760-70; came from Hickman Co., TN

HARRIS, Wooten; b. Mar 1759, Brunswick Co., VA; to NC & TN; d. 1827; Revolutionary War Veteran

HARRIS, Mary; b. 1804, TN

* HARRIS, Zachariah, Sr.; b. 1760-70

HARRIS, John H.; b. 1800-10

* HARRIS, Ansel; b. 1790-1800

HARRIS, Benjamin, Jr.; b, 1810-15

HARRISON, John, b. 1790, NC

HARRISON, Thomas; b. 181F20

HART, John; b. 1790-1800

HART, Owen; b. 18120-20

HART, Henry; b. 1798, KY

HARTWELL, Calvin B.; b. 1800-10

*HASTINGS, William; b. 1798, VA


HAVERING, Henry H.; b. 1790-1800

HAY, John C.

HAYBACK, John; b, 1780-90

*HAYS, Gabriel; b. 1790-1800

HAYWOOD, John S.; b. 6 July 1803, Bridgewater, MA

HEADY, Thomas Washington; b. 1797, OH

HEDIAN (HEDDIN), David; b. 1810-20

HEFLEY, Philip; b. 1809, NC

HEFLEY, Tilman; b. 31 Aug 1815, NC

HEFLEY, William; b. 1800-10

HEFLEY, Michael; b, 30 Oct 1807, NC

*HENDERSON, John; b. 1780-90

HENDERSON, John M.; b. 1810-20

HENDRICK, David; b. 1794, SC

HERALD, Darius W.; b. 1813, NC

HERD, Austin; b. 1780-90

HEREF0RD, Francis; b. 1800-l0

*HERN, George; b. 1790-1800

*HERNE, Daniel; b. 1800-10

HEWES, Thomas; b. 1804(?), TN(?)

HICKS, John N., b. 1812, KY

HICKS, Richard; b. 1805, NC

HIDON, William; b. 1800-10

HIGH, William; b. l800-10

HIGH, Benjamin; b. 5 May 1789, VA; to NC

HIGHTOWER, Hugh; b. 9 Nov 1806, NC; to TN

HIGGINSON, George C.; b. 1792, KY

HILL, Henry; b. 1798, KY

HILL, John; b. 6 Dec 1788; from KY

HILL, Henry; b. 1803, KY

HILL, Peter; b. 1808, Warren Co., KY

HILL, Basil; b. 1803, KY

HILL, Robert; b. 1805, SC

HILL, David; b. 1800-10

HILL, Benjamin; b. 1815, TN

HILL, Henry; b. 1807, SC

*HILL, John; b, 1790-1800; Christian Co., IL

*HILL, Robert Sr.; b. 1760-70

*HILL, Thomas; b.. 1790-1800; Fayette Co., IL

HILL, Nathaniel

HILLSABECK, Frederick; b. 1780-90; moved Shelby Co., IL

HIND, James


HINTON, Ransom; b. 1800, NC

HINTON, Hardy; b. 1765; from NC

HOBART, David S.; b. 1813, MA

HOFFMAN, John; d. 23 Oct 1839

HOFFMAN, Mary; b. 1760-70

HOFFMAN, David; b. Warren Co., OH

*HOLBROOK, Jacob; b. l8l3, GA

HOLLIDAY, Elliot, Sr.; b. 1780-90; d, l0 Dec l833

HOLLIDAY, Elliott, Jr.; b. 1806, TN

HOLMES, Joel D.; b. 3 Apr 1813, Alfred, York Co., ME; moved to NY

HOLMES, Charles


HOLT, Thomas; b. 1800-10

*HOLT, John; b. 1810-15

*HOLT, Bitty; b. 1790-1800

HOPE, Abner; b. 1777, Rowan Co., NC

HOOFOS, Charles; b. 1800-10

*HORN, Jesse; b. 1790-1800

HORN, Hansel G.

HORNEY, James; from Fayette Co., OH; d. 1 Sept 1834

HUBBLE, E, B.; b. 1811, VT

HUGHES, Thomas C; b. c1804, Knox Co., TN

* HUGHES, Joseph, l800-10

*HUMAN, James; b. 1790-1800

HUNT, Jotham; b. 1770-80; 20 Nov 1849


HURD, James

*HURLEY, Josiah; b. 1800-10

HURLEY, Isaiah

HUSBAND, Flower; b. NC; moved to KY; d. 3l Aug 1846

HUTCHINSON, Rev. William M.; b. 1799, TN

*HUTSON, Wiley; b. 1780-90

IRVIN, Perry; from Casey Co., KY

IRVIN, Larkin; from Casey Co., KY

ISAACS, Samuel; b. 1793, NC; to Adair Co., KY

ISAACS, James; b. 1790-1800

ISHMAEL, Thomas; b. 1780-90

ISHMAEL, Samuel; b. 1800-10; d. by 27 Aug 1832

ISLEY, Stanford; b. 1815, NC

JACKSON, David B.; b. 1795, MA

JENKINS, Wickliff; b. 1809, KY

JENKINS, John; b. 1780-90

JOHNSON, Thomas; b. 7 June 1806, OH

JOHNSON, Enos; b. 5 Apr 1772, PA

JOHNSON, Jesse; b. 1770-80; from TN; c1840 moved to Iowa and Oregon

JOHNSON, James; b. 1790, TN

JOHNSON, Levi; d. before 14 Apr 1825

JONES, Martin; b. 1810, NC

JONES, Hardy; b. 1811, KY

JONES, Charles; b. 1780-90

JONES, Jonathan; b. 1790, SC

JONES, David; b. 1786, VA

JONES, Thomas; b. 29 June 1790; d. 29 Jan 1846

JONES, William; b. 1760-70

JONES, Amos T.; b. 1810-20

JONES, Samuel; b. 1810(?), TN

* JONES, Allen; b. 1760-70

* JONES, James; 1780-90

* JONES, Joseph; b. 1790-1800

* JONES, Samuel; b. 1760-70

JONES, Hugh; b. 1795, SC

* JONES, John; b. 1800-10

JONES, George

JONES, William B.; d. 23 Sept 1835

JORDAN, James; b. 1805; cane from IN

JORDAN, John; b. 1770; d. 2 Mar 1836

* JORDAN, William, b. 1790-t800; to KY

JORDAN, Theodore

JOY (JAY?), John; b. 1829, Russell Co., KY

KEEL, Carter; b. 1800-10; from Shakertown, Warren Co., KY

KEEL, John; b. 1800-10

KELLUM, Samuel K.; b. 1810-20

KELLY, Beninaih; b. l0 Dec 1807, Pembroke, Merrimac Co., NH

KELLY, Noah J.; b. 16 Aug 1794, SC; to NC; to TN

KELLY, Isaac; b. 1819, TN

KELLY, James; b.1809, TN

KELLY, John; b. 1820, KY

KELLY, Silas; b. 1812, TN

KENDRICK, John Clark; b. Oct 1807, Gilsum, NH

KESLER, Abraham; b. l8l0

KILLINGSWORTH, Stephen; b. l800-10

KILLPATRICK, David; b. 1 Jan 1769, Antrim, Ireland; to SC

KILLPATRICK, John; b. 26 Jan 1804, SC

* KILLPATRICK, Samuel; b. l8l0-20

KILLPATRICK, Ephraim; b. 22 Jan l808

KIMBRO, Daniel; b. 1816, NC

KING, Andrew; b. 20 Aug 1283, Orange Co., NC; to TN

KING, John C.; b. 1798, VA

KING, William; b. 1806, NC



KINGSLEY, Hall; b. 1770-80; from MA

KINGSLEY, Martin; b. 1798, MA

KIRK, Nicholas; b. 1780-90; to Murray Co., TN

KIRKLAND, Robert; b. 1788?, SC; to Marlon Co., T'N

KIRKLAND, James; b. 1800-10

KIRKLAND, David; b. 1820, TN

KIRKPATRICK, Hugh; from Jadison Co., KY

KIRKPATRICK, Samuel; b. 1809, KY

KIRKPATRICK, John; b. 1805; came from Sugg's Congregation in TN






KITCHELL, Wickliffe; b. 21 May 1799, NY (NJ?); to OH and IN

KNAPP, Aaron; b. 22 Nov l770; came from NY

KNIGHT, Rev. Joel; b. 22 Feb 1796, Henderson Co., KY

KNIGHT, Augustus:' b. 24 June 1790

KNIGHT, James; b. 1810-20

* KNIGHT, Joseph; b. 1780-90

KNIGHT, William; b. 15 July 1799, KY

*KNIGHT, Preston; b. l820-30

KNOWLES, Joseph; b. 1 Apr 1793, Pierpont, Grafton Co., NH

LANDERS, Simon; b. 1790-1800; from Warren Co., KY

LANDERS, John; b. 1790-1800

LANDERS, Henry; b. 1790-1800


*LANE, Dennis; b. 1810-20

LANDERS, Jacob; b. 1785; d. by 1 Dec l834

*LARGE, Thomas; b. 1790-1800

*LATON, John; b. l8l0-20

LAY, William; b. 1780-90; d. 23 Dec 1831; from Warren Co., KY

LAY, Keziah; b. 1790

LAY, David; b. 1820, Warren Co., KY

LAZENBY, James came from Chuck River; d. Aug l835

LAZENBY, Rezin Graham; 19 Mar 1825

LEACH, Zadock

*LEDGARD, Henry; b. l810-20

LEE, John

LEMON, Moses; b. 30 Nov 1797, IL

LEMON, John; b. 1810-20

LEWEY, Oliver; b. 1813, Guilford Co., NC


LIOGITT, John; b. 3 June 1762, Augusta Co., VA; to KY; Revolutionary War Veteran

LINCOLN, Nathan; b. 11 Dec 1789, Taunton, IIA; to Chenango, NY

LINDELL, Jeremiah

LINDLEY, Elijah; b. 14 Mar 1804

LINGLE, William R.; b. 1801, KY; came from Rowan Co., NC


LINGOFELTER, Jacob; b. 27 Apr 1801, MD; to Canton, OH

LINGOFELTER, Daniel; b. 1802, MD

LINGOFELTER, John; b. 1790-1800

LINXWILLER, William R., b, 1817, Vanderberg, IN

LIPE, John; b. I Sept 1789, Cabarrus Co., NC

LIPE, Daniel; b. 1812, Cabarrus Co., NC

LIPE, Allen; b. c1814, Cabarrus Co., NC

LIPE, Nelson; b. 1 Nov 1812, Cabarrus Co., NC

LIPPERD, Edward; d. 22 Nov 1832; came from NC

LITICKER, Joseph T.; b. 1817, NC

LITTLE, Robert; b. 25 Jan 1809, Goffstown, NH; to Brookline, MA

LITTLE, Otis; b. 22 Aug 1815, NH; to OH

LOCKERMAN; b. 1760-70; moved to KY


LOCKHART, James; b. 1810-20; from OH

*LOCKMAN, Stephen C.; b. 1810-20

LONG, Catherine; b. 1785, NC; to TN and AL

LONG, John K.; b. 7 Feb 1814, TN

*LOTT, Robert; b. 1770-80

LOTT, Stephen; b. l810-20

LOVE, Jefferson; b. 1810-20

*LOVETT, John; b. 1790-1800

LOVING, William; b. 1770-80, VA; to Simpson Co., KY

*LOWE, Caleb; b. 1790-1800


LUDEWICK, Daniel F.; b. 2 Dec 1800, Cabarrus, NC

LYNCH, Micajah; b. 1796, NC

LYNCH, Charles; b. 1790-1800

LYNN, Jefferson; b. 7 Apr 1809, Warren Co., KY

Transcribed  by:  Ann Stoddard

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