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History of the Raymond Independent Newspaper

"Independent in all things, neutral when need be "

The Raymond Independent was issued for the first time June 9, 1881, by Joseph Washington Potts, who continued to edit and publish it till his death August 29, 1912.  Mrs. Mary J. Potts, his widow, continues the publication of the paper with their son, Lemuel L Potts, as the editor and manager.  The paper is Democratic in polities, and stands for the right and a square deal for all.  A grandson, Harry L. Potts, is the local editor.  Joseph W. Potts was a native of Kentucky and, after being engaged in several lines of business activity, he decided to try the newspaper business, and, with his limited capital, founded this paper as above stated.  After the brief period of two months his plant was burned down and all he had invested was consumed in the devouring fire.  Not daunted he arranged with the Morrisonville Times to get out his paper till new machinery and stock could be purchased and installed.  Since that time the paper has steadily progressed and is recognized as an enterprising sheet and is appreciated by the Raymond public.

Source:  History of Montgomery County, 1918

The Raymond Independent "Independent in all things, neutral when need be, " the forerunner of the Raymond News was started by M. G. Sission, with Mr. Joseph W. Potts as Editor in 1881, on the second floor of the building now occupied by Nannie's Tavern on the first floor.  Mr. Potts became Publisher and Editor in 1889.  His son, Lem Potts, moved the newspaper equipment to the building now occupied by the News Office at 326 East Broad Street.  This building was built by Mr. R. T. Potterf in 1901.

Mr. Lem L. Potts willed The Raymond Independent to his son, Harry L Potts, and in turn to Tessie Moore Potts, who a few years later sold the name and subscription list to The Montgomery County News.  After a few weeks the local merchants persuaded Tessie to go back into the newspaper business. (The equipment had not been included in the sale of the paper.)  For a new name she chose The Raymond News.  Mrs. Potts willed The Raymond News to John Crabtree, who had been her typesetter and pressman. 

February, 1963, Frank B. Doyle purchased The Raymond News, and a part of the deal was that Mrs. Helen L Crum, who had been helping Mr. Crabtree "to get the paper out," would become Editor and Manager.  She continues in that position.  Currently Mrs. Rita Hefley is the typesetter, Mrs. June House, the presswoman; Mrs. Dorothy Pinkston, the office manager, and Mrs. Elaine Hannon, advertising computer. 

Source:  Raymond 125 Years of Memories

The Doyle Public Library ( Librarian - Marjorie Bailey) houses a copy of the Raymond Independent.  (June 9, 1881-1938) This is the actual newspapers.

Microfilm records of the Raymond Independent can be viewed at the Lincoln Public Library in Springfield.

The Doyle Library also has The Raymond News 1940-1983 plus 1995-2009. 2010 (not bound yet). This is the actual newspapers.  They also have Mar. 5, 1903-Nov. 1, 1945 on microfilm.

Microfiche records of the paper can be viewed at the Lincoln Public Library in Springfield. 

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