Montgomery County Illinois History

By Mike Rappe

Summer 1906-Mayor Rice Miller and the City commissioners voted to create more than 1½ miles of brick streets.

Spring of 1907-Project Began-approximately 150 Hillsboro business property owners were assessed $42,095 (levied against their homes)-paid over a 10 yr. Period.

Mr. Charles Fry, New Castle, Ind. was contractor.  First phase contract to Mr. Fry for $55,000. Construction Supervisor was Frank Bond with Bob Evan’s (Idabel’s father) was contracted to provide all wagons, horses, etc.  City’s share would be $7,920.22.

Phase #1:  Main St. from Winhold (North) School  (now bowling alley location) to Fairground Ave.; all of Courthouse Square; Seward St. from Broad west to Hamilton St.; Broad St., along the east of Hotel Hillsboro, from Seward St. north to the alley behind the Hotel Hillsboro; Wood St., from Rountree St. west to Oak St. and School St. from Main St. east to the “east line of Geo. Seward property (Locust St., now Chase).  Total=8,119 ft. between 21 and 54 ft. in width and curb and guttering.  22,000 cubic yards of excavating with the excess used to “make a fill” across the south end (E. Wood St.?) of the City Lake (now Central Park). *Work was slowed by the weather in the winter of 1906 and spring of 1907.  Fry imported “a bunch of negroes from St. Louis”.  More than 1,500,000 10 lb. Paving bricks were used, shipped from Terre Haute and Clinton, Ind.  When unloaded at the railroad depot, the bricks made a stacked pile that was 15 ft. high and 500 ft. long.

Phase #2:  1912-School St. from Locust to the Depot; Tremont from Main St. west to the entrance of St. Agnes Cemetery; all of Fairmont Place.

Phase #3:  Spring 1914-Decatur, Ill. firm of McCalman Const. Co. awarded contract to pave Tilson St.; one block of Washington St. from Tilson St. to Franklin St.; one block  of Franklin St. from Washington to Jefferson; Jefferson St., from Franklin to Fairground Ave.; Fairground Ave. from Vandalia St. west to Seymour Ave.; S. Main from Fairground to Mechanic and all of St. Louis St.  Total cost=$40,837.05 to be completed within 90 days!!!

Phase #4:  August 1914-H. R. Wolf & Co. of Alton, Ill. awarded contract to pave Broad St. from Wood St. north to Brailley; Brailley St. from Broad St. west to Hamilton St.; Berry St. from Wood St. north to Miller St. (now Church St.); Miller (Church) from Berry St. east to Broad St.; Water St. from Broad St. west to Hamilton St. and the alley behind the stores on the west side of Main St. from Wood north to the west side of the Montgomery County News bldg.  Total cost=$19,520.66

Phase #5:  Fall 1917-Spring 1918-Hamilton St. from Tilson to Brailley; Springfield Rd. from Hamilton to the “bottom of the hill”; and East Wood from Rountree to the lake bottom.

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