Montgomery County Illinois History

National Registry of Historic Places Listings for Montgomery County Illinois


Landmark Name: Photo: Date listed: Location:
Ariston Cafe

Ariston Cafe Litchfield Illinois

May 5th, 2006 413 Old Route 66 Litchfield, IL
Belevidere Cafe, Motel and Gas Station

Belevidere Cafe, Motel and Gas Station

February 21st, 2007 817 Old Route 66 Litchfield, IL
George Blackman House

George Blackman House - Hillsboro Illinois

November 6th, 1986 904 S Main St Hillsboro, IL
Brown Shoe Company Factory

Brown Shoe Company Factory Litchfield Illinois

November 15th, 2006 212 S State St Litchfield, IL
Freeman Brewer Sawyer House

Freeman Brewer Sawyer House Hillsboro Illinois

November 5th, 1992 532 S Main St Hillsboro, IL
Samuel Moody Grubbs House

Samuel Moody Grubbs House

February 21st, 1990 805 E Union Ave Litchfield, IL
Hayward Hill House

540 S. Main Street Hillsboro Illinois

May 8th, 1980 540 S Main St Hillsboro, IL
Litchfield Elk’s Lodge Number 654

Elk's Lodge #654 Litchfield Illinois

March 3rd, 1995 424 N Monroe St Litchfield, IL
Litchfield Public Library

Litchfield Public Library Litchfield Illinois

February 12th, 1999 400 N State St Litchfield, IL
Manske Niemann Farm

Manske Niemann Farm Litchfield Illinois

February 27th, 2003 13 Franks Ln Litchfield, IL
Montgomery County Courthouse

Montgomery County Illinois Courthouse Hillsboro Illinois

October 28th, 1994 Courthouse Sq Hillsboro, IL
Route 66 Litchfield to Mt. Olive   November 29th, 2001 US 66 N of IL 16 Litchfield, IL
Lewis H. Thomas House

Lewis H. Thomas House

December 7th, 1983 N Virden Rd Virden, IL
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