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Mollmanns' Nine Brother Band

Mollmanns' Nine Brother Band

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Mollmanns' Nine Brother Band

Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois  Vol. 2– Newton Bateman, Paul Selby, Alexander T. Strange, Henry L. Fowkes and the History of Montgomery County, Chicago, Munsell Publishing 1918.


Musical Developments.

Any effort that succeeds in cultivating an interest along aesthetic lines is worthy of commendation.  Hillsboro like every other town had its critics in art and its amateurs in music, and it is only to mention the exceptional that this is penned.  Several years ago a family consisting of father and nine sons and several female members, came to Hillsboro to work in our splendid coal mines. Either before or soon after coming they organized the “Mollmans’ Nine Brother Band,” with the father as bass drummer.  These brothers made no display, blew no personal horns, exhibited no trills, but kept on mining and playing, their reputation in the meantime spreading over the community.  When the public needed music they were always ready and never failed. They grew in execution and musical technique as well as in the estimation of the public, and as calls became more frequent for important entertainments, they gradually added to their number as necessity required until today, after sixteen years of persistent and harmonious practice, they have as well an organized and as harmoniously conducted band as can be found of twenty-two pieces anywhere in the country.  Their work is so universally acceptable and dependable as to present a unique advancement in any city of Hillsboro’s size. The original members and those now enlisted in the band are as follows:  John Mollman, leader, Henry Mollman, Antoine Mollman, Thomas Mollman, Alexander Mollman, Fred Mollman, Frank Mollman, William Mollman, Herman Mollman, David Archibald, E. B. Strange, Thomas McLain, Harry Blockburger, Frank Darda, Jerry Darda, Benjamin Darda, Angelo Paris, Louie Paris, Henry Devlin, William Gerhart, Eugene Friochi, and Earnest Cunagrands.


Photo Location: Hillsboro, IL
Photo Category: Bands & Entertainment
Photo Year: 1900?
Submitted By: Carol Mollman
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