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Montgomery County Illinois Census

Montgomery County Illinois 1910 Federal Census Records

Fred K. Delaney

Sheet Number: 2B
Line Number: 53
State: Illinois
County: Montgomery
City, Township: Litchfield Ward 5
Enumerative District: 103
Street, Avenue, Road, etc.: E. Edwards St.
House number or farm: 626
(1) Dwelling number: 40
(2) Number of family in order of visitation: 42
(3) Name: Fred K. Delaney
(4) Relationship: Son
Personal Description
(5) Sex: M
(6) Color or Race: W
(7) Age at last birthday: 21
(8) Whether single, married, widowed or divorced: S
(9) Number of years in the present marriage:
Mother of how many children –
(10) Number born:
(11) Number now living:
(12) Place of birth of this person: Illinois
(13) Place of birth of father of this person: Illinois
(14) Place of birth of mother of this person: Missouri
(15) Year of immigration to the U.S.:
(16) Whether naturalized or Alien:
(17) Whether able to speak English; or, if not, give language spoken: English
(18) Trade or profession of, or particular kind of work done by this person: Moulder
(19) General nature of industry, business, or establishment in which this person works: Radiator Works
(20) Whether an employer, employee, or working on own account: W
If an employee –
(21) Whether out of work on April 15, 1910: No
(22) Number of weeks out of work during 1909: 2
(23) Whether able to read: Yes
(24) Whether able to write: Yes
(25) Attended school any time since Sept. 1, 1909:
Ownership of home
(26) Owned or rented:
(27) Owned free or mortgaged:
(28) Farm or house:
(29) Number of farm schedule:
(30) Whether a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy:
(31) Whether blind (both eyes):
(32) Whether deaf and dumb:
Online Record ID# - 131278
Transcriber's Notes:
This Census was transcribed by David E. Singer and proofread by James P. Finch.
Copyright 2009 by David E. Singer.

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