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Butler School 1919-1920

Montgomery County Illinois Historical Photo Archive

Butler School 1919-1920

 This is the third room of Butler Public School for the year 1919-1920.  The teacher, right in the back row, is Miss Edna Cory.  Third from left in the back row is Pauline Holcomb, later Pauline Hayes, daughter of Caroline Beck Holcomb.  The boy at left in the front row is Pauline's brother Ernest Holcomb.  The boy second from right is Marion Johnson, daughter of Dorothea Beck Johnson, later Dorothea Rainey. Marion Johnson, cousin of Pauline and Ernest, was to die of diptheria at the age of 12 in February 1920, just months after this picture was taken. 



Photo Location: Butler, IL
Photo Category: School
Photo Year: 1919
Submitted By: Paul G. Hayes
Date Added: 8/1/2011
Page View Count: 349
Historical Archive Photo ID # 3185

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Added by: Paul G. Hayes on 8/2/2011 12:00:00 AM
After I posted this photo, I ran into the identifications for all present. In the front row, from left, Ernest Holcomb, Hob Cress, Johnny Johnson, Haskell Guinn and Allen Seward. In the back row, from left, Thelma Masters, Ethyl Hall, Pauline Holcomb, Marion Johnson, Lucile Cress and teacher Edna Cory. Paul Hayes

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