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Montgomery County Illinois History

Cemeteries of Montgomery County, Illinois

Volume II

Completed and records by students of Litchfield Community High School, 1946, 1947

Walter R. Sanders

 Volume II of the recordings of the cemeteries of Montgomery County, Illinois is presented to the Illinois State Historical Library in the hope that a permanent record of the settlers and their descendents of this county will be kept for future generations to scan.  This work was done by the following seniors of the Litchfield Community High School during the fall and winter of 1946 and 1947 under the direction of Walter R. Sanders, instructor.

Juanita Penman                            Patricia Welsh

William Schwab                            Bob Fraser

Max Robinson                               Dale Quinn

Robert Davis                                 Eugene Pierce

Tom Hall                                       Alfred Tunnell

Eileen Ryan                                  Betty Woods

Dorothy Ruppe                             John Sikorski

Bob Schmidt                                 Fred Carl

Wanda Marit                                 Dolores Baker


Melvin Gordon                                             Helen O’Connell            



Bruce Maurice                                              Ted Meyer     


Kenneth Green                              Loyd Nail

Robert Sevler                                Oran Nail

Jack Wessell                                Harley Tibbs

Wanda Fleming                             Martha Pickerill

Fred Baker                                    Harvey Nobbe

Jewell Jones                                 Earl Marit

Rosemary Clayton                        Tom Dooley

Henry Flitz

Signed:  Walter R. Sanders

December 12, 1946

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