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Montgomery County Illinois Birth Index 1862 - 1877
Last Name:  


First Name Last Name Birth Year
Ellen Claire McLean 1871
Nettie McManus 1876
Hollie McPhail 1877
Paul McWilliams 1873
Charles Jacob Mehrman 1876
Nellie Maria Millard 1876
Arthur Miller 1874
Lucy Virginia Miller 1876
Mable Sparks Milnor 1877
girl Mitchell 1877
Effie Mitts 1875
Nellie Margaret Mock 1877
Effie D Morain 1864
girl Moss 1877
Martha Lee Moss 1876
Hattie May Myers 1877
Oscar Linus Neisler 1876
Robert Newberry 1877
Luvena Albertie Nichols 1876
Henry William August Niemann 1875
George Edgar Norvill 1877
Ella Henrietta Nowotne 1877
John O'Brien 1876
Charles Barnes Ogle 1873
Mary Evelyn Osborn 1875


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Birth Index Information

Births have been recorded in Montgomery County Illinois since 1877, although the County Clerk's office has a limited number of birth records beginning in 1862.

This is a index made from the Montgomery County Birth records on file in the courthouse vault dating between 1862 and 1877.

I have done my best to provide accurate information, but please review the original documents to ensure the information is correct.

Ann Stansell - April 2009

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