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1825 Census for Montgomery County Illinois
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Head of Household Total Number In Family Township
Thomas Stout 8 Hamilton Township
Benjamin Rose 4 Hamilton Township
Elijah Rush 7 Hamilton Township
Israel Seward 7 Hamilton Township
John Seward 2 Hamilton Township
Joel Wright 1 Hamilton Township
Jesse Buzan 6 Hamilton Township
William Buzan 3 Hamilton Township
William Ruby 1 Hamilton Township
Caty Steel 3 Hamilton Township
Charles Cannon 3 Hamilton Township
Thomas Rose 4 Hamilton Township
Henry Rose 7 Hamilton Township
Thomas Sade 10 Hamilton Township
Thomas Furnish 3 Hamilton Township
William Sade 5 Hamilton Township
John Ferguson 9 Hamilton Township
David Vanatter 3 Hamilton Township
William Buzan 1 Hamilton Township
Polly Price 6 Hamilton Township
Elisha Gwin 9 Hamilton Township
Abraham Renshaw 8 Hillsborough Township
Caleb Brown 5 Hillsborough Township
Robert Palmer 4 Hillsborough Township
Anthony Street 8 West Fork Township


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1825 Census & Scanned Images

Taken: September the 5th day of 1825

The first official Census of Montgomery County, Illinois, taken in 1825, being Hamilton, West Fork, Hurricane Fork and Hillsborough Townships and Hillsboro Village: Population of said county being 1,000 people.

State of Illinois, Montgomery County - This day Benjamin Roberts appeared before me and took the oath required by law, as commissioned to take the census, enumeration of the inhabitants of the county aforesaid given under my hand this 14 day of August 1925. - (Signed) Hiram Rountree

State of Illinois, Montgomery County - The number of persons in Montgomery County appears in a schedule hereto annexed subscribed by me the 28th day of November 1825. - (Signed) Benjamin Roberts

Transcribed - January 2011 by: Ann Stansell

1825 Census Notes

Besides the data shown here we've transcribed more details from the 1825 Census and have scanned images of the actual handwritten census pages. We will be adding this information to our web site soon so please check back later.


Census Totals

Free white males of 21 years and upwards, including heads of families: 196

Free white males under 21 years including heads of families: 310

Free white females including heads of families: 488

Males (servants or slaves): 3

Females (servants or slaves): 3

Total inhabitants of the County: 1,000