• Hillsboro Veterans Memorial
    Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois
Hillsboro Illinois Veterans Memorial Names
Last Name:  
War Full Name
World War I John E. Blake
World War I Harold S. Blizzard
World War I Adam Boehm
World War I Lillard C. Bonds
World War I Jacob Booher
World War I John Booher
World War I Perry A. Boone
World War I Teddie M. Boone
World War I Edwin Rollin Boosinger
World War I John A. Borgic
World War I Merle R. Bost
World War I Oscar Bost
World War I Shelby Bost
World War I Newell Bote
World War I Freeman P. Botkin
World War I Lester V. Botkin
World War I Walter Botkin
World War I Ray McKinley Bottomley
World War I Michael R. Bourey
World War I Andrew Bourke
World War I Daniel Bourke
World War I Robert C. Bowles
World War I Ben H. Boyd
World War I Carroll M. Boyd
World War I Edward P. Boyd


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Hillsboro Veterans Memorial

The Hillsboro Veterans Memorial is for war veterans with ties to the Hillsboro and surrounding area.

Veterans' names are added to the memorial by the Montgomery County Recorder's Office after military discharge information is recorded or otherwise documented by the Veterans Memorial Committee. Names should be submitted to the recorder's office on the first floor of the Historic Courthouse in Hillsboro.

Anyone with questions about the Hillsboro Veterans Memorial is encouraged to call Hillsboro Area Veterans Memorial committee representative John Paden at +1 (217) 532-3853.

This searchable database contains a complete list of the 4,584 veterans names currently inscribed on the memorial walls.