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    Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois
Montgomery County Residents At Soldiers' & Sailors' Home
Name Co. Unit Admitted ID#
WILSON, FRANCIS M K 143 IN INF 11/28/1899 3367
WOOD, W M H,K 143 IL INF, 51 IL INF 10/5/1889 1334
WOODWARD, WILLIAM C I 23 KY INF 6/26/1901 5586
WYMAN, CHARLES M 5 WI BATT 1/22/1903 6219
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Soldiers' & Sailors' Home Quincy Illinois

In 1885 the General Assembly created the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Quincy to provide subsistence and a home for honorably discharged and disabled veterans of the Mexican and Civil Wars. In succeeding years Illinois veterans of all wars and veterans' wives, mothers, and daughters became eligible for admission. In 1973 the General Assembly changed the home's name to the Illinois Veterans' Home. Since 1976 the Department of Veterans' Affairs has administered the home.

These are the 154 names from Montgomery County Illinois. The names of male residents of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home admitted from its opening in 1887 through September 1916. Female residents are also included from their first admissions in 1908 through September 1916.