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Fillmore Illinois

Fillmore Illinois History and Genealogy Group Home Page. (Includes Chapman)
Fillmore Illinois
  • March 24

  • Zayna Cline Would anyone have an idea as to where I might find information about Harry Paddock as being a jockey circa 1900? He was born in Fillmore in 1872 or 73. My grandmother apparently saw his uniform from his racing days. My mother remembers visiting him in the late 20's or early 30's and that he boarded horses at his home at that time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    about 3 years ago
  • January 28

  • Zayna Cline Where would be the best place to look for an obituary for a family member who died in Fillmore in 1948?
    about 4 years ago
  • January 23

  • Sue Smith Can anyone tell me where I can find Poland Cemetery? My great-great-grandmother, Ann Sherman, is buried there. Thanks to anyone who answers.
    about 4 years ago
  • October 24

  • Historical Society The Fillmore Historical Society met in the museum on October 11, 2011.

    Those present were: Carol Moral, Audrey Probst, Evelyn Vincent, Amber and Russell Siebert, Wilda Prater, Beulah Whitten, Gail Bowman, Dale and Joyce Neisler and Jan Toberman.

    President Russell Siebert brought everyone up to date on the construction of the building. The guttering, covering of the corner pole and a ramp and railing will complete the exterior. Plans are to start the electrical wiring and installing the heating units next week.

    New business was planning the Fall Fundraiser which will be held on November 4, 2011 in the gym. Serving time will be from 4 PM until 7 PM.

    Dale Williams has donated a Schwinn Blue Sting-Ray Racing bike for the Historical Society to raffle. The bike is on display at Coffee & Gab and the Society members are selling tickets for it along with tickets for the quilt and 50/50 drawings.

    about 4 years ago
  • Historical Society October 11, 2011 Meeting Continued

    Other donations for September were: A sale bill from Clarence Hopwood’s 1959 auction from Danny Hopwood, two Fillmore Birthday Calendars from Rev. Huston and & Ellen Jackson, McDonough Family award certificates from Saundra Stoneburner. Donations to the Building Fund: Jan and Stan Toberman, Gail Bowman, Russell and Amber Siebert and In memory and honor of Floyd H. and Beulah Fesser Whitten from Dale F. and Linda Whitten.

    Next meeting will be held on November 8, 2011. The public is welcome to attend.

    about 4 years ago
  • September 26

  • Historical Society The Fillmore Historical Society met on September 13, 2011

    Those present were Audrey Probst, Evelyn Livingston, Wilda Prater, Evelyn Vincent, Beulah Whitten, Amber and Russell Siebert, Carol Moral, Gail Bowman and Dale and Joyce Neisler.

    Russell gave an update on the process of the construction of the building. The entry door is to be installed next week, after which will come the plumbing and electrical wiring of the building. A change in putting in the insulation promises to be more efficient and quicker to install. Weitekamp Electrical of Nokomis will install the outside lead wire into the main electrical box and help with determining the amount of wiring and electrical fixtures needed. Russell and Dale plan to do the inside wiring. Russell also explained how the air conditioning and heating thermostats would work. Joyce told about the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities that were donated by the Philip Grabbe Family. Russell Siebert, Dale Neisler, Danny Hopwood and Curtis Hopwood moved the cabinets to Fillmore. Jeff and Brenda Miller have donated space in their building to store the cabinets until time to install them. There are a nice assortment of cabinets and they should work well in the plans for the kitchen of the new building. Under new business, the date for the Fall Fund Raiser was set for November 4, 2011.

    about 4 years ago
  • Historical Society September 13th Meeting - Continued

    Items donated this month were an 1956 Eastern Star plate made with members names on it when Ila Towell was Worthy Matron and an embossing stamp with wording FMC 1892, Ruling #370, having been used by the Fillmore Methodist Church, both items given by Randy Hopwood. A history of businesses and their locations down through the years, written by Olive Hill Matthews and submitted to the Montgomery County IL Genealogical Society Vol 33 by Christy Hill Porter from Wilda Prater. Honorariums were given for Norma Harrison’s birthday. Memorials were received for Gloria Branum, Linda Arndt, Nigel Owens, Daisy Brown, Jiggs Evans,and William Otto Eaton. Donations to the Building Fund; Darrell and Beverly Neisler, Betty Graham Nelson, Farmers Grain of Fillmore, Ed and Donna Voils, Knodle Farms, Larry and Elaine Hopwood, Houston and Ellen Jackson, Lyle and Donna Vest Shoroga, Paul and May Della Probst and Ann Fraily. The Historical Society appreciates the support that has come in donations received each month to keep the work progressing on the building.

    The next meeting will be held on October 11 at 9:30 AM. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    about 4 years ago
  • August 20

  • Fillmore Illinois The Fillmore Historical Society met August 12, 2011 with Jan Toberman, Evelyn Vincent, Carol Moral, Russell and Amber Siebert, Wilda Prater, Beulah Whitten, Gail Bowman, Dale and Joyce Neisler in attendance. President Russell Siebert reported on the construction of the building project on Main Street which will house not only the Historical Museum, but a large Community meeting room for the citizens of Fillmore and surrounding area. The roof and soffat have been completed and the front window installed. The siding and doors are ordered and at the present time, the interior walls are being erected. Funds received during the month of July were: A 1948 Business Directory of Montgomery County, given by Wilda Prater, Folder of newspaper clippings, from Virginia Wayne, Metal note holder from Cecil Adams’ store, Jean Snyder, Donations to the Building Fund from The First National Bank of Nokomis and Memorials for the late Daisy Brown, Jiggs Evans, Eileen Williams, Melba Webster and Dow Alexander. The next meeting will be held on September 13, 2011 in the Museum. The public is most welcome to attend.
    about 4 years ago
  • June 18

  • Zayna Cline I am trying to find out about a brickyad, owned by Edward Paddock, in the mid-1800's that my mother believes to have been located in Fillmore. I would greatly appreciate any information about this brickyard, or any other information someone might be able to offer about Edward and Rebecca Paddock who lived in Fillmore. They were my great, great grandparents. Thank you.
    about 4 years ago
  • May 12

  • Historical Society Fillmore Historical Society News May 2011

    The Fillmore Historical Society met on May 11, 2011. Those present were Jan Toberman, Evelyn Vincent, Carol Moral, Beulah Whitten, Russell and Amber Siebert, Audrey Probst, Gail Bowman, Dale and Joyce Neisler.

    Scott Usher, will be the carpenter for the new building on Main Street that will house the Historical Museum and Community Meeting Room. At the April meeting the board of Trustees asked President Russell Siebert to speak with Scott Usher concerning the feasibility of starting construction with Phase One of the building. Phase One will consist of pouring the concrete footings and flooring, adding the necessary plumbing needed at the time. On completion of Phase One, reassessment of the financial situation will determine if Phase Two can be started. Phase Two will consist of erecting the shell of the building, with Phase Three completing the building as finances become available. The present home of the Museum in the Old School Building is of great concern to the Historical Society as the roof is deteriorating and the leakage with the presence of mold is jeopardizing the condition of the artifacts. Mr. Usher consented to the plan and work on Phase One will be starting soon. The Historical Society asks the Fillmore Community and all interested people for their continued faithful and generous support in this endeavor.

    Donations this month were a Ramsey-Fillmore Telephone directory, dated 1937 from Dave Benhoff of Ramsey, embroidered quilt blocks from Audrey Probst and $100.00 from an anonymous donor.

    The next meeting will be held on June 14, 2011 in the Museum at 9:30 AM. We welcome the public to attend.

    about 4 years ago
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