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Ohlman Illinois

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Ohlman Illinois
  • August 08

  • Marlon Chaney I spent the fist four years of my live in Ohlman and many summers. My grandparents were Susan George Chaney
    about 4 years ago
  • September 09

  • Darren Chaney My great grandparents Hollie & Lola Chaney lived in Ohlman. My grandfather built the house on the corner of south walnut and 2 nd street. As a child i played in Ohlman in the summer time when i would visit my grandparents. I am the only living Chaney from Ohlman.
    about 5 years ago
    • Marlon ChaneySurprise there is another living Chaney relative from Ohlman, me. Your great-grandfather Hollis was my grandfather George's brother.
      6:05 AM August 08
  • July 24

  • Historical Society

    History of Ohlman Illinois
    History of Ohlman Illinois
    Ohlman is the only village in the township of Audubon. It is located on the line of the Big Four Railroad, about midway between Nokomis and Rosemond. The railroad was built through the township in 1856, but the town of Ohlman was not laid out till some thirty years later. Capt. Michael Ohlman, a retired steamboat captain

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  • February 13

  • Welcome to Ohlman Illinois founded by Historical Society
    about 5 years ago
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