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Witt Illinois

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Witt Illinois
  • July 24

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    Witt Illinois Public School History
    The first school in Witt Township was a contribution school taught by Gay in an abandoned cabin seventeen feet square on East Fork Creek near the Browns. A contribution school was provided whenever parents felt the need of a school and could find a teacher. State qualification laws were not enforced. Any abandoned cabin school or church was utilized.

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  • March 29

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    Witt Illinois United Methodist Church
    According to a history of Bond and Montgomery Counties compiled in 1882, William Updike and wife moved into the village of Witt in the year 1869. At that time there was no Methodist church organization in Witt nor nearer than 5 miles. The first Sunday, Mrs. Updike took a ride through the country and seeing a number of people at work in the fields conceived the idea of organizing a Sunday school.

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  • February 13

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