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Lyndall Foulds

Surnames: Harrison Hill Armstrong
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  • Kye LeBoeuf Hi Lindall. In response to your post comment on Frances C. C. Hill, "Frances C. C. "Kate" Hill is a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Price) Hill of Donnellson. Kate and her husband settled in Bogard, Carroll County, Missouri," would you be willing to share your information source? I'm also researching the HILL family and would like to find more information on Frances and her father Henry HILL. Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.
    about 3 years ago
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  • December 14

  • Lyndall Foulds So glad to find this website. I am a descendant of Daniel James Harrison and Mary Hill. They married in Montgomery County 4 Dec 1851. They lived near Donnellson and bore three children (Eliza C., John C., and William S.) before moving to Brown County, Kansas Territory in 1856-57. I have been trying to determine their parentage for many years. Daniel was born about 1827 in Alabama, while Mary was born about 1835 in Illinois. I'm also wondering if anyone knows of local recruiters enticing people to Brown County, K.T. in either the cause of Northern or Southern sympathies. Thanks!
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